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  1. Hamish

    Pole barn/greenhouse

    Perhaps you understand that there is likely a store like it somewhere high in the Andes.
  2. Hamish

    Pole barn/greenhouse

    I have found that growing. At the 43 ish parallel that I grow, huge, beautiful weed plants. When weather hits at the end of September and early October, I watch my beautiful girls get thrashed. So this year, I built a pole barn around them with plastic sheathing from home depot and it appears...
  3. Hamish

    Legion Of Living Organic Soil

    So planning for next year, i have sandy soil and i want to amend my entire garden soil to a " living soil", both for veggies and weed. Do you think I should start now and allow it to evolve over winter? I'm in southern Ontario
  4. Hamish

    First Time Grower in 3x3! Feedback Encouraged!

    Kiss method. Keep it simple stupid. We all get excoted when we start a new project. Take a breath. People will find evidence that what they are selling in key. Plants are like any creature, comfortable environment, but the odd bad day makes them stronger, eating less is healthier than eating to...
  5. Hamish

    Organic Bho

    I'm 10 days from harvest. 2 strains this year, bruce banner and og cali kush x haze. Largest plant about 3 lbs of nug. I'm lowering my temperature for purging bho and addes a new vacuum system. All expert advice welcomed. Chimo!
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