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    Best strain for making bubble hash?

    Biddy's Sister best bubble i've ever made or smoked, stuff was dynamite, i just put the whole clone through the bags, i'd grow this strain again just for the water hash peace
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    Alien Landing Zone!!!

    OMG^^, wouldn't mind a piece of that pie^^, that's some killer stuff peace
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    AH X AS starting at week 4

    nice growing BB (great photos as well), got a pack of these sitting in the fridge to go for round 2 with this hybrid, it's the best smoke of my life hands down, everything i smoke now i'm comparing it to this and nothing is touching it at all, grail material peace
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    G13 x BlackWiddow f4

    Nice 1 HazeVentura, i recieved your G13xBlack Widow F4 as freebies with my last order from the farm, is there any real special phenos in the mix to keep an eye out for? peace
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    Exploding HPS?

    Never had this happen before but it's been close on 1 occasion, i ordered a Osram Son-T online, didn't think about checking over when it arrived, just put it in and turned it on, started making this weird noise and the light was strobing, turned the light off, once it was cooled down i checked...
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    sensi jack herer

    very nice ukcheesehead, i just put a few Sensi Jack Herer F2's from the late 90's in paper towel tonight, it's been a couple of year since i last smoked Jack, Hi Jah, the baby sick smell from the jack you had in Dam sounds similar to a pheno i found in NL#5xHaze earlier this year, stunk to...
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    Critical Mass

    Keep an eye out for the Mr Nice new release Critical Haze (Critical Mass x Afghan Haze), if it's anything like Afghan Haze x Afghan Skunk it'll be a huge yeilder of top quality buds, i just ordered another pack of Afghan Haze x Afghan Skunk a few days ago, Critical Haze will be on the...
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    Christmas Wish List

    Dear Santa lol, i've been a pretty good boy this year i think, can you please pop down the chimney and leave these goodies under the tree, i promise to leave a cheese nug for you wiv the milk n cookies:giggle Chem D SFV OG Kush Shaker/Five Times F13 (Dj's) Blueberry...
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    Camera experts i need your help

    Awesome info FF, thanks for taking the time to help man, i checked out the 50mm lens you mentioned, seems they are really cheap, all the reviews on it were positive as well, if i knew this stock lens i got with the cam (18-55mm) was so bad i would of just bought the body on it's own, do you...
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    Small Plastic Baggies To Send Freebies In?

    Hi guys, does anyone know anywhere online that sells the small plastic bags?, i've got a bunch of Uk Cheese x NL#5xHaze seeds i'm gonna send in as freebies, just waiting on the seeds hardening off a bit more before sending them peace
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    Camera experts i need your help

    Hi FF, what lens would you recommend for normal bud shots?, with it being my 1st SLR i find it difficult to choose which settiings to use etc when taking pics as well, complicated compared to the normal point n shoot i used to use, the manual you get with the cam is huge as well, like...
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    Camera experts i need your help

    Hi Logic, i recently got a new cam as well, was in the same boat as you in that there so much to pick from, didn't have a clue which to go for, ended up getting a Canon EOS 450D with the standard 18-55mm lens included, i've been looking around for lenses as well, have you checked...
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    Dank, The Quest for the Very Best Marijuana...A Breeders Tale

    Great looking book Sub, which strain is that in the 3rd pic?, love the look of that one on the front cover as well, crazy colours man:cool peace Hazeseeker
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    type of fert for premixed soil

    I've been using Bio Bizz Nutes for a while now and i can't see me changing now, love the stuff, only need to use the Grow + Bloom, very easy nutes to use Cell peace Hazeseeker
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Ocean Colour Scene 'Hundred Mile High City' Live at Stirling Castle
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    CF light bulbs are dangerous when broken CFL

    I never knew there was Mercury in these cfl's, is there mercury in those older incadascent (sp?) bulbs you use around the home?, i remember being in this girls house i know (couple of year ago) she was through the other room standing on a chair while changing a bulb, heard this BANG so we went...
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    sensi superskunk and sensi NL

    They're looking great man, any idea what year the old Sensi NL is from?, looks awesome peace Hazeseeker
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    Amir Khan vs Breidis Prescott

    Man was anybody else shocked when it happened?, i must of been starting to believe the hype that was surrounding him:nod, jesus that's definately put a halt on his "win a World Title by 22nd Birthday" hopes, i think it must of been a jinx because every fight he won before was always on ITV3, as...
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    Amir Khan vs Breidis Prescott

    Yeah this is gonna be good:nod, just seen an interview just now where Khan was saying he's maybe gonna move up a Division to fight Ricky Hatton, imagine that fight man peace Hazeseeker
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    Amir Khan vs Breidis Prescott

    Hi, anyone else watching the fight tonight?, gonna guess Amir to win in the 3rd Round:nod peace Hazeseeker
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