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  1. symbiote420

    August, Photo Of The Month

    Let's try that again LoL
  2. symbiote420

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Thanks for the kind words Jump good hearing from ya, I haven't been posting much but I've been lurking lol.... not that many familiar faces around anymore. It's the TK x Animal Mints from Seed Junky's, Justblazen hooked me up with some beans from his 1st breeding awhile back and I'm just getting...
  3. symbiote420

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Triangle Mints at 57 days
  4. symbiote420

    July, Photo Of The Month

    Triangle Mints at 42 days
  5. symbiote420

    Azamax For Spider Mites

    If your nugs just starting to form and you're not at infestation levels I'd hit them top & bottom with some Mighty Wash really good, the next day spray them down with plain ole water and repeat three days later. I've had success killing all the mites using MW one time............. I either top...
  6. symbiote420

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    That's my Spirit Bomb... it's ndnguy's '88 G13/Hash Plant x OG Squared.... I pull her anywhere from 56 - 70 days but I need to snatch her round 49 just to see how it is, and she's way easier to trim than she looks too! It is a lot like the older kushes with the citrus undertones that hit my...
  7. symbiote420

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

  8. symbiote420

    April, Photo Of The Month Contest

    Tuna Kush x (Sun Sour F2)
  9. symbiote420

    Sixstrings Led Cob Builds

    They lookin' good Sixer, always loved your style of growing bro I'm trying to take a couple pages from your book lol growing my gals a lil bigger now plus getting this cob unit built....... fuck'n rack I ordered for it kept pushing back on shipping so I cancelled, hopefully I find something...
  10. symbiote420

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    thanks bro, I've taken her anywhere from 56 - 70 days, I want to try her before 50 for the hell of it one of these days....... that's the '88 G13/HP side of her showing!
  11. symbiote420

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    Spirit Bomb....... day 30
  12. symbiote420

    Why In Sam Hell Did Orcaman Get Banned???

    I hate to see my bro Orcaman down and folks still kicking him..... he's banned, the prizes have been replaced, the Farm is still ticking so let's keep it moving. Funny thing only the same handful of folks ever win the POTM anyways, so half the folks crackin' on him never won it or they ain't got...
  13. symbiote420

    March, Picture Of The Month Contest

    Yeti F3 in the home stretch
  14. symbiote420

    Pm From Dispensary Clones???

    Good to see you around bro.
  15. symbiote420

    Pm From Dispensary Clones???

    Good luck bringing in cuts, I stopped taking in clones even with a good quarantine it's possible to have issues later on in the grow or in future grows so I grow from seeds exclusively now.... I can deal with gnats or spider mites but all that nasty shit that might escape inspection and likes to...
  16. symbiote420

    Canappa's Gutter Grows

    You still got that green thumb though...... good seeing you back bro and congratulations, life is good!
  17. symbiote420


    Doesn't look like a nanner to me. Wish I had a better pic to look at w/o the hps blurring it but it looks like a faded seed bract tbh Here's a better look at a late banana aka nanner.......
  18. symbiote420

    welcome to the jungle it gets worse here every day...

    Stopping by to say what up Fudge and see @silas posting, sorry to hear about the bs and I got some of your old crosses in the stash too like Blues and Lost Skunk 91 just lmk?
  19. symbiote420

    Long Bottom Leaf

    Prays going out to brother @Loran.... you can beat this my friend.
  20. symbiote420

    February Picture Of The Month

    Biker Kush V2 #2
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