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  1. TheD

    GH nutes in soil?

    A little confused on 1/2 micro/bloom part and about a 1/4-1/3 of normal dosage? I’m confused you saying you use the 8/16 but you lower the dosage, what do you mean please explain further thank you?
  2. TheD

    Wanted Why do some clones wilter and some don't?

    Brought them in just incase but now don’t know if should remove the heat mat? Also just pH 6.0 and used clone x gel and that’s it mist 2-3 times a day
  3. TheD

    Wanted Why do some clones wilter and some don't?

    Reason they are in the middle is because I have the strip heat mat the one that’s like 56 inches but it’s the whole length of the dome. And I cloned here before but it wasn’t as cold and first time trying to clone in Rockwell.Thanks in advance again
  4. TheD

    Wanted Why do some clones wilter and some don't?

    Hey man I see you have some knowledge I’m cutting it close for the first time I mean Kirkland for the first time and wondering what’s the lowest temperature they could be at because mine are kitties down to 60° where I have them wondering if I need to bring them inside have a mat under them and...
  5. TheD

    Manufacturers Ppm Scale Info

    I need help can’t find what scale to use I’m using tap and roots nutrients thank you in advance
  6. TheD

    Seeds seeds seeds seeds seeds!!!

    Legit! But fuck Seedsman go seedsherenow 3 day shipping to USA and excellent customer service one of my packs a few didn’t germ and the ones that did make they sent me whole new packs and more freebies no questions
  7. TheD

    The BEST strains of all time. Vote here!

  8. TheD

    The BEST strains of all time. Vote here!

    I have what is believed to be an original cut of OG clones and Bubba Kush clones giving to me by a 80 year old verterán here In Las Vegas I met him through work he said he brought 2 clones from California over 15 years ago and has kept them going since. The og knocked me on my ass and I’m a...
  9. TheD

    For Sale We Toke Chronic - Seed Co

    Msg me instrested
  10. TheD

    For Sale And or trade seeds seeds seeeeeddddsss

    Prices??? shipping???
  11. TheD

    Amateur grower needs help please

    Ok will do Actually Had those stretched seedlings in my humidity dome before taking them out the lil cube things and putting them in cups they were longer. What’s about the mutant? Keep around or no?
  12. TheD

    Amateur grower needs help please

    I have a fruity pebble’s OG clone I showed first is yellowing and drying up have another MobyDick og I got from same guy and it’s doing fine does it maybe need nutes? And I have 2 more clones got from some where else that I know were heavily rooted cuz they were transplanted the day I took them...
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