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    schnazzleberry #2

    You can expect low variation among individuals, very nice yeild and tasty smoke!! The high is great to relax your brain (very stress-relieving), stimulates apetite and generaly leaves you in very good mood. One pheno is laugh-machine (1 out of 4 females i have). Yet, they are easy to grow...
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    Varying light cycles

    I would do this only with indicas or indica-dominant hybrids, not hazes :big_boss: On the other hand i remember reading a thread on this subject somewhere and 12/12 - 13/11 - 12/12 - 11/13 was said to work very well for certain strains. Yet another member somewhere adviced to do experiments...
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    What Happened to Open Grow

    Good luck at your "new home"!
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    Which strain?

    Jackberry f2,, fast, potent!!
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    Any grapefruit x blueberry coming to the farm?

    Hey Budfarmer, there are 14 packs of GFxBB at THCbay, you just need to increase your post count to be able to buy it. rgds C.
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    Master Kaze,by Mr Nice Seeds....master skunk kush x afgahn haze

    Any updates Bill? I am very interested to see them in full flower!
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    Non tested Beans

    I do search for information before buying things (tv, car, dog food, seeds). I mean people should know what and why are they buying. Whether such an info should be on "product label" i do not know... definitely it is not impossible to find information on almost all seeds / strains. I for...
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    Non tested Beans

    It is fault of us buyers... If there is no demand there will be no supply of non-tested gear. But obviously lot of us just dont care and keep buying it. excuse my english, i hope you got my point..
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    Field Marshall & my green territory

    tagged Looking forward to see your pix!
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    Field Marshall is here ............

    Welcome Marshall!! tvoje engliš je fakt krutá :D ale jinak super lajn-up šéfe!
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    What is the deal ?

    Pollen can polinate all flowers in grow room, Jackberry F2 polinated by itself will be basically JBf3 as the recombination of genes will not produce "clone in seed form" of the plant..
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    copied from - his bacto description: Details: Sannie's Bacto This is the product i use in every stage off the cyclus off the plant.A combination off many fungi bacteria an ass a extra addition Trichoderma for young cuttings and seedlings,to protecr them from attacks from...
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    Easyryder auto's (ak47xlr2)

    Waiting patiently for the smoke-report on the autoAKs.. wonder what the potency is like.. Ak47 is really good smoke, SantaMaria is great as well (it is part of the LR2 if i remember right), so this should be some fine smoke :D Enjoy it and give as a report please! best C. btw i voted...
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    weed that makes you laugh

    Pimpin - try AK47.. in my experience almost any weed can make you laugh your ass off if you are in company of good frieds or watching comedy etc.. rkcz - zdravim!!
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    Some Shnazzleberry 2 and Mental Floss

    Hey Bluebud, can you give me more details about the Shnazz please? I just bought the last pack of beans here and will be running them in a month or so under 250W HPS from seed.. Would you recommend running it on 12/12 from seed to control height? Shnazz is said to be a stretcher, right? Your...
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    What seeds do you want at the farm?

    Scored a pack of Mental Floss and the last one of Schazz nr2! Thanks Chimera and Logic!
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    What seeds do you want at the farm?

    Thanks for the update Logic! Quite sad to hear about the delay, but on the other hand we have more time to save more money.. :cash Hey Mr. Chimera take your time, family is always on the first place!
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    jackberry x madonna

    I popped 1 seed of Jackberry and ended with one completely purple female.. edit: .. btw potent as hell, very sedating.
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    any chaze ! cheese/haze

    for example this from Kiwiseeds and i believe there are more crosses of cheese and haze.. edit: shit, Logic was a little bit faster :smiley_joint:
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    What seeds do you want at the farm?

    I would second the Mixpacks, if possible 15 pcs per pack :D
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