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  1. tealeaf402

    Environmental Controls & Airflow Advice (Room Inside a Room)

    There are such inventions to control cool temps and hummidity for wine cellar builds, but they are very expensive from what I've looked at. Are we just missing this in our search for solutions? People would really would be a whole lot happier if they weren't constantly micro managing the...
  2. tealeaf402

    Let's See Your Frostiest Flowers

    what kind of lamp gets it so dark like this? Is this all just good genetics. That is something I'm trying to learn. The photos on seed sites will show these beautiful dark leaves, but once you get it started how do you ensure the really robust dark? Any recommendations for reading?
  3. tealeaf402

    How to tell when to harvest if you don't have a loupe, or Don't rely solely on trichomes

    How do you tell if it has stopped drinking? does it get really droopy? Not so much the leaves drooping, but the stems? There's one that's sagging super bad, it drank yesterday. The leaves are not quite yellow, but some are blotchy.. I don't know how to tell if they are drinking or not, if the...
  4. tealeaf402

    How far away from harvest are these?

    Is there some benefit to this? It's like you're getting 2 shots of stress to the plant, cutting and darkness. Is there a chance at extra trichomes here? I wonder does the last shot of fresh water through the stems help with a longer more humid dry time in a low 35 Rh atmosphere or something?
  5. tealeaf402

    unknowingly pollinated by herm, than took clones?

    Thank you for your answer to my question. I am very happy to learn this! What I am wondering is when the clones come out of veg and back into flowering they will not reproduce because they will need to be pollinated again? Also if they herm out it would be only due to stress. This would make...
  6. tealeaf402

    unknowingly pollinated by herm, than took clones?

    If a female plant is unknowingly polinated from a herm, something like 30 days ago or less, but you took clones weeks later that had flowers and put them back into veg, are these clones going to retain any charastics of the herm plant that polinated it? I would guess that the flower clones that...
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