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    Sun shines on the Hill.......Med garden Journal

    Super nice garden man!
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    Is this done?

    The leafs can change because of cold or it can be in the genetics.
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    Ways of force flowering?

    yeah i do....................
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    Ways of force flowering?

    So you think they would go back to veg after like 2 weeks of covering up?
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    Ways of force flowering?

    Yeah i have autos on the go as well its just they not going to get me much bud to last me till September time when the big plants are hopefully ready. I guess il give it a miss then as its quite a way to my grow spots. thanks
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    Ways of force flowering?

    Hi what are ways to force flower plants early outside? Is it possible to make them pot bound thus induce flowering? As roots stop growth during flowering. I dont fancy covering them up every night so would need an easier way. or could you cover them for a few days to force it into flowering...
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    Personal Cammo for you, not plants.

    I simply dress in black. as i always go to my spots at night. I wear a hat with a bandana across my face. If a helicoper goes over head just stay still and look at the ground dont look up at it.
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    O'kief Crop master tumbler

    I heard really good things about it. Great for big harvests
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    Man stuffs cat in Bong and smokes it!.....LOL

    His cat probs liked being in there lol Eww just think of all the smoke goin over the cats fur ewww
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    What is everybody putting outside this year?

    Im trying some purple power. in the uk
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    Getting that hash all melty

    How rough are you with the material? Full melt takes a lot of time and quite a lot of bud or trim. The best way is to freeze it and to not rub the material at all just give it a small shake and try to lift the material off the screen. Only do this once or twice no more. then move on to the next...
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    Camo grow bags

    Sounds a good idea. Im stuck with 11L pots for my auto's because thats the biggest i can fit in my back pack hehe
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    Mystery's auto-flower grow

    As you may know i have another thread for my other grow but i though i would make one for the auto-flower grow. I plan to plant out 4 plants in early may time and make some seeds then grow the seeds which i make in july time. A friend has sent me a few seeds from his auto-flower breeding...
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    my first time doing outs

    Get some pics up bro. and what do you need to know?
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    autoflowering strains

    Im doing some seed making with autos this year. I have some seeds coming from a ood friend which he has been breeding for a while now. Its a cross between 2 very well known strains for there hash :D Il make a diary soon so you can follow if you like :] Good luck everyone
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    New SNOB's

    Man i love that 4th pic! where can i get one hehe
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    Dry Sift on a Large Scale

    Wow that is a lot of kief
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    Dry Sift on a Large Scale

    Thats some killer stash hehe
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    O'kief Crop master tumbler

    Awesome bits of kit.
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    Purple Kush @ Day 58

    Awesome work
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