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  1. masshole61

    Defoliation. How Much And When???

    Hello fellow farmers The pictures are of both sides of my 5 x 10 flower tent. I have to admit everyone looks pretty happy. I'm 3 1/2 weeks into flower , have cleaned out the lowers, top dressed with coast of Maine quoddy blend lobster compost and EWC they all responded really well. Soil grown...
  2. masshole61


    hello fellow farmers. Owe a lot to you guys for all the free advice, and am here for a little more. I grow(perpetual) in dirt under 2000w. I keep the best of it for myself, give the good stuff to family and give a the rest to friends. But before you know it I'm harvesting again and I still have...
  3. masshole61

    Heavy 16 User Superthread

    Usually a super soil with teas no bottled nutes guy, but am finishing up my second grow with Heavy 16 and am really happy with the results! I like the set it and forget it nature of their products as I've used their full line (minus the foliar) with a few additives according their feeding...
  4. masshole61

    Can I Get Fired From A Job

    I don't speak Portuguese but I live on the south shore too!
  5. masshole61

    Backcrossing ? Why ?

    Makes you appreciate the time that breeders put in to make stable genetics. Not shitting on the pollen chuckers of the world, but when you buy a pack of beans, and they all generally have similar growth patterns, someone put the work in. Much respect to all breeders.
  6. masshole61

    Looking To Expand The Seed Vault!

    I've seen Alien genetics posting on instagram lately and wondered if anyone knows if he will be selling any new beans here or elsewhere? All haters aside I loved his gear!
  7. masshole61

    Anyone In Boston Still Smell Molasses

    All I smell is Mikes pastry
  8. masshole61

    Grow Tent

    Is is the perfect time of year to amp up your tent with the cool winter nights. I'm able to keep 2000W in my 5x10 secret jardin with an 8" vortex at 75 at lights on (night time) and 65 with the lights off. If it gets too cool at lights off I vent a little heat out of my veg tent. If it gets too...
  9. masshole61

    Thanksgiving Day Sale !

    Cap, Thanks for the early Christmas present. When I applied the coupon code I it was a mistake! Very generous of you! Enjoy the holidays!,,
  10. masshole61


    Top early and top often
  11. masshole61

    One Less Ripper On The Loose In Colorado

    Should have gone back to bed,let Darwin figure it out. Glad you didn't get fucked. Fucking rippers.
  12. masshole61

    Whos Seed Bank Is The Most Overall Reliable "genetic Mapping, Condition, And Delivery?"

    Plenty of good shit right here. And logic is a solid dude. When customs jacked my seeds I emailed logic and he sent them out again, at his loss. Can't beat that. And everything generally comes with free beans too, so there's that.
  13. masshole61

    Fellow Ri Growers! Hostile Take Over

    Rhode Island looks like Colorado compared to Massachusetts. Massachusetts doesn't want anyone to grow their own. They craft carefully worded legislation to suppress caregiving and are STILL busting growers and splashing their face all over the news like they're sell heroin for fuck sake. Good...
  14. masshole61

    Safe Grow Stores?

    Ken, you're a masshole too?
  15. masshole61

    Need Help From Northeast Farmers (new England)

    Tough in New England. Right around the end of September when shits getting real the temps ar night drop like a mofo and with it comes the moist fall air. And with that the mold. So if you can somehow wrap it in clear plastic as a small scale greenhouse and squeeze a couple extra weeks into...
  16. masshole61

    Best Growers In The Industry

    Jungle boys on ig. Blows me away.
  17. masshole61

    Mass. Court Changes Requirements For Pot Warrants

    Massachusetts state government sees pot as a cash cow. They've dragged their feet since 2012 because they want to funnel all sales through dispensaries and tax the fuck out of it like they do every chance they can. They now say that home growing is unsafe for consumers and will go after home...
  18. masshole61

    Ewok and Alien Rock Candy...Sun Grown!

    I was blessed with a pack of alien ewok that I refuse to pop until I can perpetuate the genetics . Thinking big this coming year!
  19. masshole61

    Bodhi Seeds Thread.

    Been wanting to grow some bodhi gear for a while, but only recently found SV. And what I found were a lot of choices. So I thought I'd turn to you guys to help me find what I'm looking for. First and foremost I love my indica's. The stonier the better. I smoke a lot and have a VERY high...
  20. masshole61

    Tnelz thread about whatever!

    Lady bean, beautiful, lushly green, praying plants! What's up with the cat box? Whenever I see the straw, I think I'm seeing another fan. Are you using Cootz mix? Thanks for sharing, masshole61
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