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    this is what budder is!

    i thought budder woz just oil or BHO but stirred for a while....that makes it rockhard
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    FF's Side By Side Laboratory - at last!

    i'm loving it here...!!! i'm very intrested inthe results FF !
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    Price of good bud in other countries

    6-8 € a gram in Belgium....better quality goes bout 10€-12,5€ its about the same as in holland
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    FFOF Soil To Hot?

    just what i told you in the other thread...some burns won't hurt her:banana1sv6:
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    Help!!!!!!!!!!! Leaves brownin, yellowing!!!

    don't do that...they will not like that imho... FFOF is very hot..its similar to a should not be feeding them much and i believe you did not...keep it like that untill they start to give signs of underfgeeding....instea of burns....only then start to suppliment with nutrients...
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    Fuzzy mold at drain holes...

    its a sign that there is still to much moisture around the holes......only moisture or overwatering can cause mold....a wet inviroment will cause mold a better drainige is recommended...or more airflow....its also possible to make a better long as the post are wet at the...
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    Could my plants die ?

    how far wher you into flower?
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    Vote for winner: Photo of the Month - May 2009

    jare gets mine !
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    FF's Garden of Goodness

    looking good FF greetz From Waffle land
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    ojd's 3 x 10 pot wilma sytem

    looing good there bro!! pitty you can't spare a bit of the sssdh pollen....that would of been nice.i would use it for a SSSDH project... Nhow....i hope you'll use the regular ojd cut for that breeding she's quite stable...aah that is if you don't find a better one ^^ ohw and i too have some...
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    Mizz any of those links plz...i'm very intrested in TMV..I've been reseaching it for a while now...Post 23 is Spot on...very good information there...well all of the post actually
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    Getting my garden set up.

    heya Marco :) sweet room you got, room ...small warehouse is better defined i think...looks like you are going to overgrow us...hehehe ,say Marco,what ya got growing there in the vegroom
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    Tolpans "Happy Brothers"

    healthy and lush ....just the way i like it !
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    potluvr's 3 strain grow!

    heya potluvr i woz checking ye thread out but it takes ages to gotte resize the pics mate shit man my pc can't handle threads like these....and i got broadband to boot .LOL....Nway i waited a few minutes so i could finally check things out...gotte give ya props mate..i'm curious...
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    Leaves drooping,what's the trouble ?

    Does't persee have to be overwatering...plants tend to do that after every hard watering but they always perk up..normally it looks more like the beginnings of 'the claw' to me...its refferd to as giving to much nutes.....high doses of Nitrogen will cause these symthoms very quick
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    OJD's seed run 140 seeds various seed companys

    looking great already...i'm very exited to see the rest!... i'm sending a PM
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    heya Pomh good to see ya!!....can i ask what happend at PG ?
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    FF's Garden of Goodness

    it shure does !!
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    TK Runnin soil...WTF???

    Looking good inhere TK !
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    IMHO....its more common than most people think...i did a bit of research on this subject and i found out that it is not dfficult to pass the virus...only by handeling tobacco you can pass the virus to your plants.....more so if you don't wash the hands afterwards while taking cutting is the most...
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