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  1. FireWithin

    Ozone generator recommendations

    4got say dont f,n breath that stuff bros & sisstas-u want only to treat the effluent...
  2. FireWithin

    Ozone generator recommendations

    There r 4 sure strains out there that max oder management-but can still be dominated. U never want the growroom air to have any contact with the o3. A large baffle box downline of carbon scrubbers is added peace of mind, long as the o3 has time to reasonably mix. Good Mountain air filter / diy...
  3. FireWithin

    Homebrew420s' Seed Creation and Selection

    stackd foxtails r lovely my man, keep it up bro,lovin u'r posts-always lurkn'...
  4. FireWithin

    GM's photo gallery

    still drooln' over the True from a bit back! beast mode killin it, niiice brotha
  5. FireWithin

    Rugburn OG (4 seed hunt)

    fire they r...enjoy.
  6. FireWithin

    Upstate, Mango and Kushage

    Males smell as well...happy gardening!
  7. FireWithin

    Blue Lavendar @ Spring Time DrBudACola

    Another interestin thread Dr., givin u'r high organic standards homie!;)A should b,very floral/sweet x eh...
  8. FireWithin

    Fugu kush & Prisoner of War

    Very nice bro , all swollend up...can c the bubba n u'r fugu. Thanks 4 sharin.
  9. FireWithin

    waaynes organic Golden Lion pheno hunt

    Was lookn 4 a good GL thread, guess I found it,( whoop!)...lookn like a mil so far, kil it bro.
  10. FireWithin

    The Powers of Now: Alien Chronicles

    KP rockn the Alien gear with charisma, everything lookn good enough to eat homie. Damn, absolute fire.
  11. FireWithin

    A few pics of a couple varieties...

    Crystal Ship lookn amazing Baba. Killn er brotha...
  12. FireWithin

    Central coast / Other great areas what can you tell me?

    I recently moved from Redondo B to the Big Bear area. I shouldve made this move long ago. Not much cheaper as one would think, but the quality of life imo here is way better/laid back. Nice to be out of the rat race and not have to use the f'n 405 , jus not my thang anymore. As Baba said, Cali...
  13. FireWithin

    Smoke Report: Double Sour Diesel

    Looks good enough to eat! Nice report,as always bro...
  14. FireWithin

    Rockstar In The House!!!

    Looks like they eat right outa whole foods market expensive isle, ladies look incredibly healthy MN! Keep rockn the campground brotha...
  15. FireWithin

    Medusa's Brownie Pops

    We loved u at hello baby! Or was it that purple AGV pic? I hate formalities anyway, lets get down and dirty! Loving the recipe's girl, keep em coming.
  16. FireWithin

    Medusa's Brownie Pops

    I got a stick 4 that brownie:D ... (oh no he didnt!) Those look scrumptuos Duece, no way I could eat jus a lil. I love daywreck'n my schedule!
  17. FireWithin


    Green Python is the HoF gc x burmeese (Bodhi) Cat. Gc x appy would b gc x (gc x tres dawg), wich looks kill Below f, thanks fo sharing brotha.
  18. FireWithin

    Merry Christmas!!!!!

    Thanks so much Cap 4 do'n what u do and makin my garden shine, and the same to rest of the farm. What a great place to come home to. Best wishes and blessings to u all and you're families! Special shouts also to Alien and Baba 4 you're contributions, absolute fire gentlemen! FW
  19. FireWithin

    Get down in the Fire

    Damn last pic-right side is like Pizza bout to tower ova! Stackd up nodes lookn muuuneeee!
  20. FireWithin

    Hello from RedRum seeds

    I c u have the same x but with Bubba thrown in. Any good chef/chocolate maker will add a bit of coffee to make the chocolate more pronounced;). Merry xmas RR-FW
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