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  1. RastaZombie

    Moxie Seed's Snake Venom

    Do you still have anymore of the lemon cake or Sleven seeds?
  2. RastaZombie

    Kds Seeds Green Apple

    Bro what happened to KDS?
  3. RastaZombie

    Blackberry OG in Bloom

    Beauty 🙌
  4. RastaZombie

    Indigo's Journal

    Its also a unique experience to learn from.
  5. RastaZombie

    Blackberry OG in Bloom

    Nice mate🙌
  6. RastaZombie

    Testing Jagerpunch,forum Snitzel,dosi-snitzel B Danks

    Nailed it. Lookin good mane
  7. RastaZombie

    Indigo's Journal

    Many blessings everyone
  8. RastaZombie

    Indigo's Journal

    I think im back from the dead ,assing to the genetic gene pool...may you all live long and prosper...🙌🧙🏽‍♂️🧟‍♂️👨🏽‍🔬
  9. RastaZombie

    Elev8 Seeds Gelato #33 Regular S21

    Looking nice mate.
  10. RastaZombie

    First time growing.I need help

    Meaning water closer to the pots edge in a circular motion instead on directly where the stem is. If i am understanding what @JWM2 is saying...correct me if im wrong. Also those first two leaves will die, this is normal.
  11. RastaZombie

    Help! New Grow! Any advice greatly appreciated!

    What about a 315 lec lamp Ive use this in a spare bed room, worked better than i expected...
  12. RastaZombie

    What Seeds To Buy ?

    Actually i can also thank you for your diligence in searching and trying to source this/these two strains. I might pick up a pack or two in the near future. Its amazing what we can achieve as one consciousness when we share truth and knowledge. Thanks brotha, keep healing and I will love to see...
  13. RastaZombie

    Romulan Seeds Anyone? Call em up and see.
  14. RastaZombie

    What Seeds To Buy ?

    Im not implying it wouldnt work out for a first time grower, dont take it too personal. But we are talking about what a breeder may possibly label the expectations ... vs what a grower will actually accomplish. "Your perception creates your reality". The plant wants to have life, so yes it may...
  15. RastaZombie

    What Seeds To Buy ?

    At the same time id say some do not want to make false promises, due to the simple fact that perception can be dreamy for others... bc there are so many factors. Ei a first time grower may not have the same results compared to a seasoned veteran grower as well as environment scenario and mainly...
  16. RastaZombie

    I'm On The Flavour Hunt For A Year. Suggestions?

    Headband, Night Terror OG, C99 and Legend OG...
  17. RastaZombie

    Road Kill Skunk

    If you are willing to spend some decent to heavy money on beans, head over to riot seeds. They have possibly what you are looking for when it comes to the roadkill...
  18. RastaZombie

    Top Strains To Get From Thcfarmer Seed Bank?

    The farm has a lot of reputable banks working hard to make and preserve good genetics. So much that my first time buying i had to spend over 1.5k to satisfy my ego. :) if you are looking for something in particular dont be afraid to hit up @logic with your specifics. He is a very knowledgable...
  19. RastaZombie

    Who Are The Top Breeders As Of Today?

    rare dankness has a lot of great work theyve put in time to create. Along with Farmhouse genetics and DVG.
  20. RastaZombie

    Anyone Growing Any Ethos Collective Beans??

    Dont take that personal as it is also how each individual cultivates along with other important factors example environment.
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