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  1. Graywolf

    Attempted Graywolf Contacts??

    I am no longer affiliated with Skunk Pharm Research and have not used my email account there since August 2017. Have any of you attempted to contact Graywolf at [email protected] or [email protected] after 8-7-2017 and received a reply from someone purporting to be...
  2. Graywolf

    Patent Wars

    Typical of Drew Jones, and saying far more about him than Graywolf, he posted the following on Instagram. The truth is that there is no 8 page document and no patent suit involving me in progress. This is however a perfect...
  3. Graywolf

    Cannabinoids Vis A Vis Opioids.

    Soooo, how about those opioids?? Thank our creator for their availability when needed to insulate our senses from serious pain, but OMG, look at the destruction in its wake from addictions!!!!!!!! Powerful enough that trusting them to the individual user to regulate usage, has as a matter of...
  4. Graywolf

    Sweet Mary's Charms

    Check out the properties of the 30 most common aromatic compounds found in Sweet Mary, besides the cannabinoids at: It reviews their physical properties, their toxicity, odor, sources, and other uses.
  5. Graywolf

    The Alchemist Resource Blog Site Now Open.

    Us'n three original founders of Skunk Pharm Research just opened a new public information blog site and invite ya'll to join us at:
  6. Graywolf

    From Where Did All The Color Come?

    In my research for articles included in our new blog site launch, I found errors in my previous understanding of what was being extracted in cannabis essential oils, because we aren't typically testing for them. Not only was I mildly embarrassed by finding out I’ve repeatedly misspelled the...
  7. Graywolf

    Presto Chango Rosin/glycerin/cannabutton/hash Press

    I just picked up a 12 ton H press from Harbor Freight and will be assembling it today and working out the mountings for the heated Rosin pressing platens I've designed for it. I will also be developing adapters to allow pressing glycerin, cannabuttons, and hash, like the previous press we...
  8. Graywolf

    Bulk Subzero Ethanol Extraction Systems

    Here are a couple bulk subzero ethanol extraction systems that will be featured in The Alchemist Resource blog site when it launches 11-1-2017. One uses a mag drive pump to circulate -50C ethanol through a column of material, while the other uses air or nitrogen pressure to transfer the liquid...
  9. Graywolf

    The Oil Wars By Elise Herron

    This article came from Volume 43 of Willamette Week, published 8-23-2001 regarding Drew Jones/Mr Extractor to dominate the extraction market with patents. Author: Elise Herron Willamette Week Published August 23, 2017 Andrew Jones' company Connoisseur Concentrates has a marketing video on...
  10. Graywolf

    Changes At Skunk Pharm Research

    Pioneer Holding is now in control of the Skunk Pharm Research blog. Graywolf, Pharmer Joe, and Eloquentsolution no longer have access and are no longer participating in the site by posting new material, providing support, or replying to comments. We also no longer have access to, or are...
  11. Graywolf

    Dr Kate Welch And Skunk Pharmers Speak At Portland State University

    Dr Kate Welch will present a paper to the SAACS at Portland State University May 4, 2017 at 3:00 PM, supported by Skunk Pharmers, Eloquentsolution, Graywolf, and Pharmer Joe with brief outlines on the subjects of growing, extracting, and processing respectively. It is free and visitors are...
  12. Graywolf

    From Russia With Love!

    For ya'll brothers and sisters who speak Russian, here is a recent interview with Skunk Pharmers by Russian film crew here in Portland to film the recent cannabis science seminar.
  13. Graywolf

    Cannabinoid Carboxylic Acids Thca And Cbda: Their Potential Functions, Applications, And Methods Of

    Wowza! Look at what Dr Kate has been up to! Introduction to a cold extraction method for hash oil that preserves carboxylic acid form of cannabinoids THC and CBD By Kate Welch, Pharm.D...
  14. Graywolf

    Rebuilding The Haskel Ext-420 & 59025-3 Recovery Pumps

    Hee, hee, hee, for all ya'll Haskel lovers, it just keeps getting better! Here is a video by the Haskel Western Region Manager on how to maintain and completely rebuild your Haskel EXT-420 or 59025-3.
  15. Graywolf

    Skunk Pharm Research in May High Times

    Just got advance copies of the May High Times, where Skunk Pharm Research was featured on pages 52 through 60. Hats off to Elise for being gracious and kind in her writeup, and for being a good student in the bho and alchemy classes. Some pictures of the Skywalker and Greencrack that Joe and I...
  16. Graywolf


    2-13-14 Greetings Folks! We have some exciting news. We, at Z Air Inc. developed yet another great product called MZ 12X. MZ 12X is an organic gas that is engineered to be stronger than PureZho. While MZ 12X is flammable it is NOT explosive like butane. Like any other compressed gas caution...
  17. Graywolf

    Dr Melamede and the Encocannabinoid System

    World Class Lecture Series Presents Dr Robert Melamede Please join us February 15th for a world class lecture by Dr Robert Melamede, Ph.D, on the...
  18. Graywolf

    World class lecture on cannabinoid and terpenoids

    Hi ya'll! Hee, hee, hee, look who we were able to contract for a world class lecture on cannabis terpenes and their medical properties. Check out his papers on the subject! Dr. Justin Fischedick, PhD Cannabis – Cannabinoid and Terpenoid Profiling & Medicinal Properties Please join us...
  19. Graywolf

    High Times Seattle Medical Cup competition

    Hee, hee, hee, hoping to see some of ya'll at the High Times Seattle Medical Cup this weekend, where ah'm headed shortly! We'uns are honored to be helping judge concentrates this year and I was absolutely delighted at the quality of some of the samples. Clearly the art and science has made...
  20. Graywolf


    THE EVAPANATOR Rotary Thin Film Evaporator What deep dark alchemist lair is complete without a rotary evaporator, but how many of us'n poor brothers or sisters can afford one? How nice a Rotovape looks, but hard to clean, besides expensive. Hee, hee, hee, let's see what we can do better...
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