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    Seeds dried out on paper towel.

    Yes mine were looking very dry and dead also. When I was re wetting and placeing them in ziplock bags......I felt like I was wasting time, but didnt know what else to do. At the time Iwas sure they were dead. If anyone else searches this thread for answers mine were soaked in cups till tap...
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    Seeds dried out on paper towel.

    Hey Farmers, Looking for a little help and maybe some hope. Let me explain what happened. I soaked my seeds in water for 48 hours until they cracked and a small tap root was showing. I then placed them on a wet paper towel between two paper plates. About 24 hours later I checked them and...
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    SpaceCakes!>>>Cherry pie x Aliendogs

    looks bomb Aligee.
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    Girl Scout Cookies & Friends

    Heaven? :D
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    Girl Scout Cookies & Friends

    Hey Aligee I am going to build out a vert room and was thinking about using cool tubes. What is the reason you went to bare bulbs? Yield? Quality? I was thinking 10 verts around 8 plants cooled by a 5 ton ac. I know I have enough AC to cool the room, but I was considering the cool tubes for...
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    Organic White Urkle

    Thanks Waayne.
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    Organic White Urkle

    Hey Waayne I know this is an old thread, but I am really thinking about grabing some OGR gear. The only thing that is really holding me back is many of his packs are FEM only. I have never used FEM only beans and was worried about hermies. Was this run using FEM or REG seed packs? Also if...
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    Fawkin gf again.

    Do what everyone has already said get them back on 12/12 asap. Then dump you GF and get in touch with this girl: I would hurry as she is single now......but I have a feeling not for long! ;)
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    Root aphids stole my kung fu....

    Sea is the MAN WOMAN! Heres to you ridding yourself of thoes bastards Souf!
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    First time grower = 7.6 lb harvest

    She'a a keeper! :greedy: I can only imagine what round 2 will look like.
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    Reddish browning on my pistils

    Dub you said that the browning of the pistols is on the lower part of the plant and you also mentioned that they were big girls. I have noticed in the past that when i dont skirt larger plants with a dense canopy sometimes the lower pistols turn red or brown early. Which I assumed was due to...
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    Living Soil rockin Fire Alien Romulan, Goji OG and Fruity Pebbles

    Be interested in seeing the FAR, been thinking about snatching up a pack those. Wish i could get a hold of that Wilma cut. Ill be keeping close tabs on this show. Looking stellar so far.
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    1000 Watt Grow:Reserva Privada Skywalker kush, OG Raskal WMK

    Not to highjack the thread but to answer Spaces question. I personally have had no problems getting my ordered gear from Logic and the folks at the farm. Place an order and Logic will walk you through it. Loving me some Phish also! :D
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    Curing more potent weed or just a better toke?

    A good cure starts with a good dry. If you get your buds in the curing jar to early or to late you could be in trouble. Read up on a few curing posts here at the farm. Like Natural mentioned you need to have the drying/curing process dialed.
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    Girl Scout Cookies & Friends

    Great work! I would love to get my hands on some GSC. Im sure some breeders have to be working with this. Any idea when we may see some GSCseeds on the farm?
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    Floramite question...random though

    That sir is either Floramite or old latex
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    Questions about reflectors and watts per sqf

    Yeah the old school lights hoods measured out on the small side. Gonna try to price out the build then decide what I do about hoods. May just run the old schools to get through the lag time and upgrade as things pick up. I think I am going to stick with what you and TK said in his post an...
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    Questions about reflectors and watts per sqf

    Yeah I know.......:( I just cant seem to figure out a way that I could comfortably work. I fully admit that your getting the most of the light. However when considering the learing curve on each strain and how far the stretch to the centers can afford the headaches right now. However reading...
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    leaves yellowing in flower??

    Hey Cindy My first suggestion to you would be to get a PH pen ASAP. Not just so you know what the PH is going in, but more so what it is comming out. You mentioned you were growing in Miricle Grow soil mix? Mgrow starts out at a 6.0 ph range, which to me is already a tad bit to acidic. When...
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    Questions about reflectors and watts per sqf

    I run a soil-perlite-chow mix in 25 to 30 gallon pots. Get them about 5ft tall 4 feet round 1 plant per light unless i decide to run a 6th light in the bloom room. Also I tie open and trim everything below the top 12 to 18 inches of the canopy.
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