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  1. Caniac

    Fresh air intake

    Ok so I have a 5x5 tent with a 1000 watt hps. I have a 6 inch 440 cfm exhaust fan that runs through a cool tube and then outside. Currently I am just opening the 3 or 4 intake flaps around the tent and letting the 6 inch suck fresh air in. Question is should I have a intake fan bringing fresh...
  2. Caniac


    My brother has 4 plants in 3 gallon pots all are in promix hp amended with gaia green power bloom. He waters when the plants are dry . There's lots of wind and sun. He doesn't ph but hasn't the entire time and our city water is right around 7. Two of the plants look ok and 2 look terrible. Any...
  3. Caniac

    Microscope app for android?

    Just wondering if anyone has found a microscope app for checking trichomes on android.
  4. Caniac

    Is this powdery mildew or something else?

    Been getting these white spots on my outdoor plants. Grown in promix with destiny complete grow system amendments in veg and gaia green power bloom in bud. I have Tons of wind coming through the backyard and it hasn't been that wet I'm kinda stumped. Maybe some kind of bug?
  5. Caniac

    Plants light green after changing from veg to bud.

    Plants have been growing nice and healthy all through veg. I have 3 cinderella 99 and 1 pink kush. Fed them destiny complete grow system during veg and feeding them gaia green power bloom 2-8-4 for bloom. I mixed the two different nutes at a 2:1 ratio when bud set started ( 2 parts gaia green 1...
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