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    = The BEST OG Kush Clone Only=

    Josh D cut OG Kush .
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    2015 Denver Cup

    I gone come by aswell.
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    Thunderfudge's jungle part deux:now in 1k

    You Rock brother. Thanks for being a straight Mofo.
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    Girl scout cookie genetics and availability?

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    Girl scout cookie genetics and availability?

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    Biker le Blanc.

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    New drop coming tonight

    they sound killer to me roots, dank stanky
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    Biker le Blanc.

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    Point Break...surfs up...

    THE squad ones, keep à eye on them, Broadway Leafes . Peace
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    The lab of jaws!!

    Yo Jaws, if i could only grow one of your creations witch one would you have me grow ? I have been looking at this thread for a while, Love your style and free work.
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    Girl Scout Cookies & Friends

    any one ever smoked the stroopwafel haze ?
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    D-kush outdoors

    Ah kinkger thats a bit of a bummer defantly afther giving them all this time en effort. Got any shot of the girl now ? w hen does flower start where you at.
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    ghostrider queen

    Looks at that baseball monster ha ha, you did your girl proud there.
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    White OG v2

    looks like a propper freebie :D
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    Biker le Blanc.

    Good seeing you roll these Mack10 should be all in your street this hybrid.
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    Karma's White OG V2.0 tested by Rival79

    Yo brother Rival. So happy you got somthing worthy out of it. I will have some new things for testing in a few weeks. And some one Off's i wil only be making once.
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    I always love to see these grown out by folks. It's my persenol fav. sativa hybrid in my line up.
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    ghostrider queen

    Looking good thuderfudge, is she White dominant ore can you spot a bit of OG in there ?
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    Check PM bro, Peace KG

    Check PM bro, Peace KG
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    Malberry Seeds/Mulanje Gold info?

    They must be a very fishy company, as they use a picture for ther strain Afghani Peshawar, Which is my strain Sour Jack, and my picture. So they are scams for shure. Peace KG Keep It Real
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