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  1. Sh311Sh0ck3d

    I bought a Mars-Hydro sp-150!

    I bought this new light today 11/03/20 and I was about to post a couple of photos and give my early opinion, without even having switched it on but I had second thoughts and it hardly seems fair to trash talk a piece of kit without giving it a chance, or switching it on. The new light in...
  2. Sh311Sh0ck3d

    Bubble Gum By Serious Seeds and Sh311Sh0ck3d

    Bubble Gum by Serious Seeds and Me, Sh311Sh0ck3d. I have smoked a lot of cannabis, many different strains but Bubble Gum is by far my favorite of them all. Firstly, its a really nice flavor and its really quite strong. I don't know what the lab results are as far THC % and all that, I just know...
  3. Sh311Sh0ck3d

    Bag Seed! Sundae Driver, maybe.

    Bag Seed, should I or shouldn't I? I usually don't bother, I don't find seeds in my own Cannabis so its on the very rare occasion that I would get cannabis from someone else and its then I come across the occasional bean, which I usually throw away. I have kept seeds in the past but they've got...
  4. Sh311Sh0ck3d

    Cuttings to Clones. Just how I do it!

    Clones: I thought I would being a new thread, rather than hijacking other people's, where I can post information and photos, explaining and showing an A to Z of how I do it. I am aware there are as many ways to do this as there are strains of cannabis. What I do only works for me 100% of the...
  5. Sh311Sh0ck3d

    The Magnificent Seven

    This is a story of the life and times of 7 Biker Kush. Born on 19/07/20, making their first appearance about ground on the 23/07/20. They have been photographed in their natural environment, 1/4 litre square pots containing a lightly fertilized soil mix with added worm castings. Having spent the...
  6. Sh311Sh0ck3d

    Leaf tips narrowed and turned down

    I noticed that some of my plants leaves have narrowed at the tips and have curled/turned downwards. I recently changed the lights from 3 x 600 hps to two Lumatek 600 watt pro LED's. I did have them about 25 cm from the plants and the lights were turn up 100%. I have since rised the lights to...
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