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    4/20 Customer Appreciation Sale!!

    Thanks brother, time to get a hash press is here.
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    What is the best predetor for black flies, gnats & aphids?

    mosquito dunks from
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    Dojaberry and Purple diesel

    It's gonna be a dank chirstmas for you, thanks for sharing.
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    sandstorm by cannabiogen

    purple paki They are out now at ace's webpage. The ones available now were open pollinated and contain green phenos. The next release in the next few weeks is from selected purple paki males & females for a higher purple phenotypical expression.:afroweed:
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    Highest Yielder? What Do You Think?

    ak-47 & chronic
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    Vegging plant grows balls in 24/0!

    Gotta agree with koopa. Seems like a male with preflowers.
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    highrollers sensi star

    Search for highroller freebies, click on the one named "highroller freebies" started by highroller. I believe someone just finished a sensi star x with great results. :cool0041:
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    sandstorm by cannabiogen

    Their forum on purple paki "sticky" thread. Go to the last few pages.
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    sandstorm by cannabiogen

    yea darkside they should be out very soon.:rasta2:
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    sandstorm by cannabiogen

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    sandstorm by cannabiogen

    Yea the colors and the fact that it's 100% Indica is what interests me. I just found out ace/cannabiogen are releasing the purple paki mom in pure form for the 1st time. So for those who missed the release from tropical seed co. be on the lookout.:icon_spin:
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    sandstorm by cannabiogen

    Anyone grow this?
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    pre 2000 ak47

    Yea been that would be nice to have but I don't know anyone who has it...:doh
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    High Yeilding Kush

    kiwi seeds hindu kush
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    pre 2000 ak47

    Does anybody know where to aquire some pre 2000 serious ak47, with the sativa phenos?
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Bury your dead-Angel with a dirty face
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    What are you listening to right now?

    Sick jacken, cynic & frank black-not guilty
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    Been looking around and every breeder has it. I narrowed it down to sensi, dutch passion or flying dutchman. I know it's an inbred but are any of the different breeders of more quality then the others?
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    seed removal from seeded bud

    Is it best to remove the seeds before drying or to hang up and dry buds as one would do normally then remove seeds when buds are dry?
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    Male Gorilla Grape

    The bubblegum is just an extra clone I got layin around...never even flowered it yet. Hoping for some purple pollen sacks from the gg.
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