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  1. FreedomTrain

    Pink 2.0 Testing

    That looks yummy
  2. FreedomTrain


    I'd say 70-75 is prefered and have a fan just to circulate air otherwise it will dry unevenly
  3. FreedomTrain

    Grower's Dictionary

    Ill have to print that
  4. FreedomTrain

    Whoa...Holder is about to change the game???

    We will prevail. Thats all.
  5. FreedomTrain

    Whoa...Holder is about to change the game???

    legalization means letting people out of prison, friends and family. Shut down the bogus war on drugs all together. By doing that it shuts down the prison system complex. Just because there is a Ralphs down the street doesnt mean you have to shop there you could belong to a co op or go to a...
  6. FreedomTrain

    My Favorite Heavy 16 Pics.

    Very beautiful. I would totally cheat on my wife with all them ladies.
  7. FreedomTrain

    first nft . pics. please look

    Looks like over watering or maybe too little potash and phos. Definitely a root proplem. Try flushing your plants.
  8. FreedomTrain

    King kush x Trainwreck

    The TW was not feminized
  9. FreedomTrain

    sneaky lady

    When growing you can't take vacations. Unless you have someone you can trust. Don't trust automated systems because they tend to fail. I went on vacation and half the time I was wondering if things were going good or not. When you love farming its like your children you dont want to leave them...
  10. FreedomTrain

    King kush x Trainwreck

    How r u gonna cross if they're all female. Unless you make them hermaphrodite.
  11. FreedomTrain

    King kush x Trainwreck

    Well I was growing in a big spot and someone broght in a male trainwreck and polinated all my strains. I was pissed. Fucking noob. Took a loss at first but now I have all these wonderful trainwreck x strains to experiment with. Are you growing from seed?
  12. FreedomTrain

    King kush x Trainwreck

    But I would give it all up for dutch crunch still my favorite strain. I'm pretty sure crunch is a cross of dutch treat x jack herer. Anybody know where to get dutch treat?
  13. FreedomTrain

    King kush x Trainwreck

    I've also done a Fire OG x Trainwreck and a Grape ape x trainwreck. I think next I'll try Pineapple express x trainwreck
  14. FreedomTrain

    Black Ice Try this one out. Not sure if they ship to the states but you can make arrangements.
  15. FreedomTrain

    Just a Thanks to all for my over watering and Gnat issue!!

    It'll bounce back by the look of it. Easy on that water now. Plants drown just like we do. Roots like oyxgen.
  16. FreedomTrain

    wow newbie to coco and I learnt fast

    Yea the easiest way to tell when to feed your coco is when the bag is light.When it has enough water its heavy. Or if in soil when it looks dry and keep a log when you water too. Easy peezy lemon squeezy. I do remember when I did start with coco I did over water. But plants did't die. Just let...
  17. FreedomTrain

    King kush x Trainwreck

    Well the reson I was wondering is I have created it and was wondering if someone already staked claim. So I called it Freedom Train. So Smooth
  18. FreedomTrain

    High on life (and weed)

    High on life (and weed)
  19. FreedomTrain

    King kush x Trainwreck

    Is anyone aware of this strain and the name?
  20. FreedomTrain

    Thinking about moving to California

    Hope all the luck to you. Moved out here in '07 in hopes of the same thing. It took a little while. Some trials and tribulations. I personallly don't like going through the dispensaries and going right to the patients. Dispensaries take advangae and are middle men. Maybe start a delivery service...
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