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  1. J

    My flower room (sugestion welcome)

    I always let them dry out a little, I run 4 gallon coco buckets and after two weeks they get almost a gallon a day, and are dry every morning.
  2. J

    My flower room (sugestion welcome)

    I do 40 plants for 6k and get 12 lbs everytime with any strain even og,are you letting them dry out a little before the flip?
  3. J

    How depressed am I

    Make a gallon of milk. 4 ounces of dank simmered in a pressure cooker for four hours strain 1-2 ounces youll forget you have a face lol.
  4. J

    how to dry and cure large quantities (Texas Kid, MPB'ers etc)

    I put them in 2.5 gallon tuperwares they fit almost a pound then you can burp them for a few weeks till its cured. really easy and it doesnt fuck up your herb like bags do.
  5. J

    PNC Clone only Club...

    You will like that aliendog its the original and the stardog is the bx.
  6. J

    PNC Clone only Club...

    I was just there got some hole fillers and didnt see any mites or gnats.
  7. J

    co 2 and headstash

    I drop mine to 450 after the seventh week, lower the temps a little more,and also the humidity.
  8. J

    Way to see where your co2 is going.

    Get the sentinel I have three controllers 2 cap and 1 sentinel. The sentinels by far the best.
  9. J

    I want to be an organic superstar

    Welcome to the farm castaway.
  10. J

    How often do you change your HPS bulb?

    1000 watt hortilux change them every cycle.
  11. J

    Electrical setup for my new shop. 20x40 , 11x40

    Get 2 200 amp panels put in youll never have to upgrade. But if you dont get both get at least one 200 amp main.
  12. J

    How Not To Get 35 Years For Pot Possession

    I have family there I have heard many stories about kids getting there lives ruined for petty shit they employ so many people in the prison system its all about money kinda like selling your people into slavery so the good god fearing people can have jobs. Three years ago I got a speeding ticket...
  13. J

    How Not To Get 35 Years For Pot Possession

    The best way to avoid 35 years for herb possesion is to get the fuck out of texas. This isnt a random harsh sentence They do shit like this on a daily basis.
  14. J (air con brand) - anyone used them?

    That off brand unit I bought has a toshiba commpressor the indoor unit had a fan burn up. They fedexed me a new one but that still took 2 days and a shit load of work and headache Having my hvac guy working in there halfway thru flowering cutting holes for portable ac sealing them back up paying...
  15. J (air con brand) - anyone used them?

    Listen to dd get the brand name one last year I had one burn up and fuck up my whole crop. They are made with crappy parts, never had this problem with my friedrich.
  16. J

    chemdog's original diesel aka headband aka underdawg

    Hey shan how you been? Is that dud you are running the one you got with the alien ? I let it go 10 weeks but i have picked it at 9 and its still really good better than most anything out there.
  17. J

    Hi gang its chemdog

    Welcome to the farm chemdog.
  18. J

    4000 wattt og raskal and calli connection grow!!

    4k is small time pay your bill on time you will be good.
  19. J

    The Larry OG

    I have the larry, it clones really well the trick is to get the plant really big and healthy before you clone her. All mine root in 8-9 days same with tahoe.
  20. J

    WhiteFire porn at 50 days bloom

    Sorry to hear that rb your right karma will catch up with em.
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