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    8 Site High Performance Under Current For $300 Or Less

    Yes, or for the time being you can just manually top off the when you get tired of doing tha install a top off.
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    8 Site High Performance Under Current For $300 Or Less

    The top off res is just a larger res that has a hose going to a float valve in you master control bucket. Mount it higher so it willngravity feed your control bucket.
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    November Photo Of The Month Contest

    Yet to be named strain: Hippy Crippler X Swamp Gas Nov 2018 indoor
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    Trifecta Oil Spray Issue?

    3 tablespoons of elemental sulfur per gallon of water in a cheap home depot sprayer or in one of the fancy atomizers. Spray under the leaves first and make sure you get real good coverage. If you have some bugs and your not doing preventative spraying then defoliate first to insure good...
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    Trifecta Oil Spray Issue?

    I stopped using Trifecta a long while back. I don't use anything now but sulfur in veg and as long as I do preventive sprays with sulfur get no bugs ever in veg or flower. Dee
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    Canna Gummies

    If you don't want it gritty you have to put a little everclear in the kief (just cover it) and stira while then filter it thru several coffe filters (brown paper) this removes the plant lipids and you have pure oil. Evaporate off the everclear and use that and it won't be the least bit gritty. Dee
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    Hash -> Oil -> Ejuice?

    Is your hash compacted into chunks or is it loose kief? I use kief to make my oil.
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    Dwc Water Problems

    The most important thing is the water temperature. What are your maximum water temps? Dee
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    Dwc Water Problems

    Are your buckets and reservoirs completely opaque, preferably black? Other bacteria can appear greenish and some forms like cyanobacteria also use photosynthesis and can appear green. What are your water conditions like (ph, ppm at the source, ppm after nutes are added etc....)? What are your...
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    Need Advice On Miticide

    They make little metal sulfur burners. Amazon even has them. You buy sulfur pellets for the burners. They are good for fumigating a room before adding plants. Sulfur powder can also be bought on amazon and it is just mixed with water in a hand sprayer or atomizer. 3 tablespoons to the gallon...
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    Need Advice On Miticide

    Sulfur spray in veg for sure. Do that and when your in flower you wont see them. Burn sulfur in a burner in the flower room to sanitize it before moving the plants into flower. Sulfur after their in bloom is not ok though, then I use green cleaner or plant therapy (something with plant oils and...
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    Please Help Yellow/purple/burnt Leaves

    We try to get some of our hybrids to finish in Fall colors like yellow orange and especially dark purple. I could be wrong but anytime after week 6 or 7 I expect Fall colors to start showing as the plant finishes and starts using it's reserves in some of the larger leaves. Couldn't this just be...
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    Undercurrent Blackberry Fire Day 1

    As far as I know. Do you use a burner? I spray it with a small hand pump sprayer or a fogger/atomizer. From what I understand you can use it anytime in veg but once in flower it tends to burn the pistils so I switch to other methods in flower like Plant Therapy or other plant oil based organic...
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    Undercurrent Blackberry Fire Day 1

    Yeah.....quarantine is a good idea. I spray em with sulpher too just to be sure. Sulpher is so easy and fully organic. I do a series of sprays with sulpher while vegging as preventitive maintenance. Kills pretty much any bugs from russets to any other mites to thrips....
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    Led Compatible To 1000w Hps ?

    In my opinion the only way to go are COBS or Quantum LED panels. Cree, Luminus COBS or HLG Quantum. Dee
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    Led Grow Light.

    What he said , so much BS from the imported lights. Always something in the details they fail to tell you.
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    There Seems To Be A Conspiracy Against My Success

    All is back on track now and plants are in full flower but they are going to run long and late into october.
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    Sacramento Outdoor Hydro Farmer

    How do you keep your water cool enough? Seems like water temps would be quite warm and anerobic bacteria and low oxygen saturation would be an issue. I have wanted to try RDWC outside but couldn't figure out how to properly cool the reservoir. Dee
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    Scrog Stunt W Pics, Vote Please!!!

    I don't know but we have seen a real bad wave of russets. I am in Western Oregon. Been fogging on sulphur for the last 2 weeks with an atomizer, nothing living on the plants now but it is worrisome. You need to scope the backs of your leaves if you even suspect russets or any bugs. Your leaves...
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    How Much Light?

    The 205 W is probably enough for veg if you put it close to the plants. I use 180 W of quantum led boards for a 2x4 tent (veg). For flower you could run em both and they will grow plants but those types of leds in my opinion are very sub par.
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