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  1. PrairieBoy

    November Photo Of The Month

    I'm just here to vote.
  2. PrairieBoy

    October Photo Of The Month

    Too many farmers exceeding the 3 votes/likes, not following rules.
  3. PrairieBoy

    October Photo Of The Month

    The White x So Cal Master Kush
  4. PrairieBoy

    The September Potm

  5. PrairieBoy

    The September Potm

    '76 Afghan X pre '98 Bubba Kush
  6. PrairieBoy

    August Potm

    The White x So Cal Master Kush
  7. PrairieBoy

    The July Potm

    The White x Purple Urkle
  8. PrairieBoy

    Newbie question please help

    Sorry for the clutter...been awhile for me. All good now. Test123...
  9. PrairieBoy

    The June Potm

  10. PrairieBoy

    Newbie question please help

  11. PrairieBoy

    OGRaskal picture fest!

    Thanks for taking a look guys....I appreciate the props and am more than glad to share my pics with you all. Stay Safe
  12. PrairieBoy


    Raskal would be proud bro...very nice find Tex, and great skillz with your grow as always.
  13. PrairieBoy

    OGRaskal picture fest!

    Glad everyone is diggin' the pic's...ogr definately has a gift for bringing the dankest crosses to the masses! I did no pheno hunting with his gear...just popped a few beans outta each pack and was blown away with everything I found.
  14. PrairieBoy

    Samsquamch (test grow)

    ......sorry bout the dbl pic posts....wake n bake can do that to me.
  15. PrairieBoy

    Starbud, Sharksbreath and Chemical romance

    Shitty deal bro...I see you found my advice on another thread. It is geared towards preventative action, cause once it is identified it is already too late! Seedlings with damping-off will die and cannot be saved. Proper prevention is the only way to avoid problems with this
  16. PrairieBoy

    Seedlings Wilting In Half

    Seedlings with damping-off will die and cannot be saved. Proper prevention is the only way to avoid problems with this disease...sorry bro.
  17. PrairieBoy

    Hindu Blue

    Hey folks..quick update...plants are still in 1/2 gallon pots and will remain there until i get these FG's and RA's under control. Dont want to introduce pests to new soiless mix...hopefully very soooon they will be ready for transplanting. Peeps are gonna love these freebies...very, very danky...
  18. PrairieBoy

    Samsquamch (test grow)

    Many Thanks guys! All the great advice given has encouraged me to keep on keepin on...I hit up Capulator and am working on getting some bennies. Jimmy I spent 40 bucks on 6 mosquito kiddin on expensive shit. I havent noticed many flyers this morning so...will see how this goes for...
  19. PrairieBoy

    Samsquamch (test grow)

    Well I have good news and bad news....good news is I should be able to finnish this test grow but I may not have the stellar results I was hoping for. Bad news is... I am not only at war with fungus gnats but root aphids aswell. I spent quite a few hours digging in my pots and around the...
  20. PrairieBoy

    Samsquamch (test grow)

    Thanks for stopping by and the nice words...if I use organic based ferts I always aerate/bubble for 24 hrs. My soiless mix pretty much has everything covered for full term ...maybe a bloom booster at weeks 5-7 in flower, thats pretty much it.
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