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  1. chuckz

    Swiss Cheese - any reports?

    Anyone tried Swiss Cheese from Nirvana? I got some Nirvana seeds a while back and wasn't impressed with the hatch rate, but I am quite interested in this strain, and just wondered if I got unlucky last time?
  2. chuckz

    Best harvest time

    Yeah, shame, you sound like the idiots that don't flush, don't care about the product, or about the people who smoke it. Hey but at least you are getting rich! :middlefinger
  3. chuckz

    thread for local purchases in amsterdam and holland

    I'm in Amsterdam at the moment. Let me know if you're about.
  4. chuckz

    Anyone in Amsterdam today?

    I finally got back to northern Europe, so hoping to catch up with a few friends. Whats a good time to pop into the DNA shop (4:20?)? Anyone else in Amsterdam in the next couple of days feel like meeting for a coffee, or beer later? Ch.
  5. chuckz

    Top Ten Favourite Movies

    If you like those kind of movies... Possibly the most memorable movie i ever watched, and one that i rarely recommend, despite being at the top of my list... Do NOT watch it is your are easily offended, or of nervous disposition. The movie is designed to piss you off. The first ten...
  6. chuckz

    Top Ten Favourite Movies

    Hi, did a search for Saving Grace on IMDB, and can't find the one you are talking about. Do you have any more infor, like actors, or director or something? Cheers, Ch.
  7. chuckz

    Top Ten Favourite Movies

    oo, tough question Jacob's Ladder Scarface Matrix Memento Vanilla Sky Total Recall Devil's Advocate Meet Joe Black Rules of Attraction Gilbert Grape
  8. chuckz

    What's your favourite album at the moment?

    Strangely, I really like the Ting Tings album, gets me up and dancing in the morning! :)
  9. chuckz

    CO2 Secrets

    I believe all wines give off CO2 as they are fermenting. I make blossom wines. They are quite easy. Just mix the blossoms with water, lemons and sugar, leave covered for a few days, then put in demi jhn with an air trap bullber. When the bubbling slows down, add more sugar. (Winemakers...
  10. chuckz

    CO2 Secrets

    I keep my brew in the room from start to finish, and I am pretty sure it has virtually doubled my yield, since the last grow where I didn't use it. Much faster vegging means more and bigger heads, more tipping can be done, and it increases exponentially over a couple of weeks. I guess other...
  11. chuckz

    UK (South) storage space for 2 weeks

    Anyone in UK got storage space for 2-4 weeks for my eco-system grow unit. Shed, or garage, even int he garden under a tarp! The system is packed up and cleaned at the moment, but the base and reservoir section is still about 2 foot high and 4 foot wide. I have a van, and can deliver it, and...
  12. chuckz

    CO2 Secrets

    Loo, err, did you read the first post? I'm thinking i might brew cannabis beer next. But brewing beer is not the best for plants, because you only leave them open topped for a couple of days to a week, whereas wine gives a constant CO2 supply.
  13. chuckz

    CO2 Secrets

    I'm sure most of us know the benfits of CO2 supplementation, but some of the new growers may not realise how easy it is to supply. Usually when starting out, growers seem to ignore this vital gas, due to the initial outlay of decent equipment (which has got cheaper over the years admittedly)...
  14. chuckz

    New Adam Sandler movie

    I love Weeds, but only just found out about the new series last week, so have only dl'd a couple of eps so far, and only watched one of them... ...too busy on Big Brother at the moment :wacko:
  15. chuckz

    When is my misses gonna pop??

    Can we expect a range of 'Farmer baby merchandise to appear now, logic? ;)
  16. chuckz

    party and dinner with Jack Herer

    That would be so sweet if I wasn't in the UK. Thanks for the invite anyway! I love Jack, any friend of his... ;)
  17. chuckz

    help please with mothers

    Natural flowering won't start for some til the days drop below 14 hours. 13 or even 12 for some strains. Is this an old mother, and has it been indoors before? I used to take my mothers outside during the summer, and bring them all in soon as any started showing signs of flowering. Becuase...
  18. chuckz

    Distilled/Purified Water

    Thats a handy piece of info! :) Why are you using rhizo constantly? Just use it when you have stressed the plants, changed routine, or you spot something amiss. Treat it more like an antibiotic. If you use it all the time then it will not have the right effect when it is really needed.
  19. chuckz

    Distilled/Purified Water

    Forget the distilled shit. Don't worry about the EC 0 readings, soon as you add nutes, the conductivity will rise. However, EC 0, and Ph 5.5 is very curious, especially for distilled water. I suspect it is ionised and otherwise treated as well, though i don't know why that would make any...
  20. chuckz

    Circadian Rhythms and artificial photoperiods

    Anyone done much experimenting with this? I've been thinking... Nature relies on a regular event (sun rising) to guide the rhythm, and the natural changes to the photoperiod happen gradually. I've noticed when reversing photoperiods (taking outdoor cuttings into the growroom, and vice...
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