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    C4 - Pensierino say "Ci Quattro"

    the height of the gals changed due to the different exposition to the sun, guerrilla steelo. hope soon to post more pics form the indoors ones. have a nice time :D
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    C4 - Pensierino say "Ci Quattro"

    they are medium yielder with rocks buds and heavy flowers covered with lot of resin. No big variation in the phenos we got. strong smell from the vegetative. the smoke is sweet with some fruity and cheese aftertaste, strong effects. all my familia enjoy them a lot.
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    C4 - Pensierino say "Ci Quattro"

    Hi Mr. Chimera & Friends, i'm a friend of Pensierino (who know ya know) and i get 5 seeds from the ones you send him this summer. We grow them outdoor, 3 female, 41° N, some pics taken on mid august and other taken and the end of the flowering, first days of october. Few shoot of nutes (Atami...
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    Powerful earthquake strikes Italy

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    tnx for the gently toughts mates!
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    Vote for winner: Photo of the Month - October

    i'd like to vote but the poll is already closed.... (sorry, just got back my internet connection after a week and half without)
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    light bulb 4 low ryder

    for 10 lowryder a 250w is ok, 400w and 600w are enough and you spend to much in electricity
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    cool tube

    i grow in sardinia, we are placed like the mid spain, and from may to november the heat is a problem for growing indoor. just building my new grow space and just put a cool tube yestarday :D pics soon
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    THe White mystery solved?

    not too much good reports about kc brains seeds :nerd
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    not much height.

    scrog!!!! so you can grow what you like more :flower
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    Big Bad John (auto flowering)

    is a simply auto flowering strain like low#1, low#2, white dwarf, dysel ryder. Masterlow, power stout, blue streak and so on. probabily they cross one of their "strain" with a low#1 or low#2, then backcrossed it 3 time to stabilize the af genes. nothing hard or impossible to do (i'm doing the...
  12. F true information

    Hi to everyone! few time ago start the hempyreum project, it is a news portal about the world of cannabis, from the recreational use to the industrial one. We'd like to give true news and info about the cannabis plant, not the shit we can read and listen every day on newpapers and tgs. the...
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    Cannacopia Genetics?

    Hi everyone! tnx to Flybybyt for the question and to chimera for the nice info about them!
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    Breeding Lowryder#2

    after reading many report about breeding with lowryder&co., i see that usually are needed 3 backcross to get the Af trait. but i know some guy that got a good % of the f1 seeds carrying the autoflowering (about 50% if my memory don't fail) crossing some low with a mazar. i only do the second...
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    Breeding Lowryder#2

    Hi FF, at the mo i 've do some home made crosses with AF strains: Ml01 = Nirvana masterkush (skunk pheno) x lowryder#1 f3; Malowiee = Unknow indica by seedsman x lowryder#1 f3; Lo.cos = Original california orange skunk (hqs) x lowryder#2 f2; with the ml01 i do a first backcross and got Ml02 =...
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    Distilled/Purified Water

    pay attentiont the air that come out from the airstone give you a false ph value. you must take a sample of the solution or turn off the airstone for reading the right value.
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    When is my misses gonna pop??

    congratulazioni! popopow!
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    Breeding Lowryder#2

    hi i've done the same work with lowryder#1, made about 3 generation of homemade seeds, and now i just did the same thing with 4 white dwarf (ww x low#2), i got only one female and 3 good male. so i left the 3 males pollened the gal for 2 weeks. after 3 weeks the first seeds were ready to be...
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    seeds to be banned in uk?

    i'm buying a more bigger fridge to help my english friends. but i still can't understand why put outlaw the seeds...
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