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    top 3 breeders on the farm?

    topdawg karma mosca :bong2:
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    Kom je uit nerderland

    Yo yo alles guzeillig:bong-hits:
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    tumour cure
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    OBAMA! we been lied to...

    yo kakalak I just want to talk about weed. then start your own thread and stop trolling this one :anim_09:
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    Another White Bubba thread

    love dem whubbas:character0103:
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    White Urkle dried nugz!

    love them whurkles.....nice look:rasta:
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    Hi gang its chemdog

    yo doggie :bow welcome home:friday:
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    OBAMA! we been lied to...

    here is a link to a group all can participate in,and put all including obama in jail, :rasta: all those people in the photo on the header r going to jail or worse:character0110:
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    new seeds in the JOESCHMO auction.

    Santa marta columbo gold
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    Hemp Oil Cures Cancer!?!?

    good link thanks :rauch08:
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    hello from the Harvestmen

    ok harvestmen tell me a story,whatcha got ? :party0022: :smiley_joint:
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    Doubleds finally gets paid !! mpb bucket system

    450,000 cd thats about 420,000 usd....trippy:cool0041:
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    Cannabis cup 2009

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    Cannabis cup 2009

    cup stuff coming in ....greenhouse 1st....barnys 2nd......greenplace got 3rd place ....
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    Cannabis Cup mans experience

    cup stuff coming in ....greenhouse 1st....barnys 2nd......greenplace got 3rd place :cool0041:
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    Need help diagnosing problem will stop but leaf damage wont heal:bubblez:
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    got phones ? watch
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    got phones ? watch[/YOUTUBE]"]
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    Rick simson ,jack herer...podcast :damnhippie: and one more for the drinkers:icon_spin:
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    do you use mobile phones ?

    you wont:phone: :scared0016:
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