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  1. Nspecta

    Csi: Humboldt...round 2 Drop...a Taste Of The Purple Plague!

    Beautiful Purple Dogbud @m8ty ...definitely one of the stronger hybrids I have...the Chemdog '91sva is a powerhouse of a breeder.
  2. Nspecta

    Bubba's Bad Bitch (irene Kush X Bubba Kush)

    Sorry about not getting to this last year...didn't have a computer at the time. Bubba's Bad Bitch is (obviously now) a Bubba Kush dominant plant as both Irene and Bubba Kush are similar growing plants. A flower time of roughly 9-10 weeks. The keeper phenos have the pungency of Irene and a...
  3. Nspecta

    New 2017 Drop ... Bubba Kush & Purple Urkle Feminized Hybrids

    @bobbyg Bubba Kush is one of my favorite Indica dominant plants...for me the S1's were solid and stable. I also did very well with the Three Queens indoors. My personal favorites lately have been the Urkle/OG Old Family Purple & Underdog Urkle. Although the Irene Kush & Three...
  4. Nspecta

    Cali O Hybrids

    @Onetwothree The Cali Orange project got put on the back burner for now...I've been a bit pre-occupied with landrace preservation projects lately and want to work the Cali O a bit before releasing anything. You ain't are a full time job. :)
  5. Nspecta

    Big Bad Bubba ??

    There's a lot of Big Bad Bubba pictures on Instagram...just gotta search #bigbadbubba Most folks who've grown it really like it. :)
  6. Nspecta

    Big Bad Bubba ??

    All the clear packages are freebies and giveaways. :)
  7. Nspecta

    Big Bad Bubba ??

    Hi @iKharon ...What is the company's name that you're talking about? The only company in Colorado that I would suggest looking into for Bubba gear would be Imperial Genetics...who are responsible for, accidentally, breeding Bubba Kush back around '97 if memory serves. Orange Crush/Krush was...
  8. Nspecta

    Purple Dogbud

    Beautiful work @Black One of my favorite Urkle hybrids. Looks like you found a good one. :)
  9. Nspecta

    Csi Strongest Night Time Strain

    I agree with everyone in this thread...the strongest hybrids I have are the ones with Chemdog '91, Chemdog D, Triangle Kush, & WhiteFire #43.
  10. Nspecta

    New 2017 Drop ... Bubba Kush & Purple Urkle Feminized Hybrids

    The Black is a very Bubbaesque hybrid that was sourced out in the hills round Hyampom in Trinity county. It blends well with Bubba...not really 100% on its heredity. The Hashplant hybrids I sell are fairly unique...the Hash Plant mother plant is a fairly early (60 days in or October 1st out)...
  11. Nspecta

    Beast X Bubba

    @BigRR The Beast is an old hybrid my boys and I made years ago. I had some old Northern Light S1's from an old 80's NL cut my pops had given me. My cuz & I grew the S1's out. I gave a bunch of the S1 cuts to my buddy who ended up crossing it to TrainWreck about 15 years ago or so. He grew...
  12. Nspecta

    New 2017 Drop ... Bubba Kush & Purple Urkle Feminized Hybrids

    Sorry for being missing in action lately...the forums have taken a back seat lately and I apologize for not being around to answer questions. I will try to log in here on a weekly basis to answer questions and share some pics. This drop is full of some of my favorites, some rarities, and some...
  13. Nspecta

    Frosty In The Summer

    She's a beaut Lucif :)
  14. Nspecta

    Branded Bubba

    They look great green diamond...very healthy. :)
  15. Nspecta

    DoobieDuck's Macro Cannabis Images

    Stunning pics your work. :)
  16. Nspecta

    Old Family Kush

    @alaskind I'm running some monster yielding OFP girls right now myself...and have one in the wings my boy dubbed Bad's a Purple beauty & of my favorite hybrids right now. How'd your second round finish out?
  17. Nspecta

    Three Queens

    Gorgeous show @Onetwothree've got a solid green thumb man. :)
  18. Nspecta

    Virgin Kush, Virgin Purple

    Hey @blis84 & @X.rm The Urkle S1's produce roughly 50% Urkle phenotypes...that grow & yield very similar to the mother cut. 40% of the S1 progeny are kinda weird plants, a bit recessive and weak in flavor, growth, & potency...and the last 10% are mutant runts in my experience. I only...
  19. Nspecta

    Nspectas Pure Og Kush

    @blis84 The Pure Kush I use is the Pure OG Kush my boy Elkslayer acquired out of Orange County back in 2005. Most likely an OG Kush S1 selection if I had to guess. I have the Suge PK too...but don't breed with it out of respect to certain parties. The Suge IMHO is a Bubba Kush hybrid.
  20. Nspecta

    Mr. Nspecta

    Hey @jumpincactus the UK Cheese cut I work with came across the pond roundabout '05 from the UK. At the time it came over it was reputed to be the Exodus cut and everyone who tried it in Europe claimed it was the same. I have a handful of UK Cheese hybrids which work especially well for...
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