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    Help electrical problems asap

    sounds like there is a short
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    Temp controlled 10inch duct,exhaust to recirc switch duct?

    if i understand what your looking for is too slow down your fan at night so your not sucking all your heat out of the room one of these might help or one of these
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    Quality TDS/EC + pH testers

    i have the nutradrip tri-meter for aabout 5 or 6 yrs now never had a problem :clapping stays calibrated for long periods of time
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    Yellow growing mold? What and why?

    i had the samething once before also. i was using ss#4 with extra perlite and i thought mine came from the perlite i was adding i ran h202 threw the soil and it didnt kill it .i stoped adding perlite and it went away
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    How to make a medium 10 site aero cloner....DIY STYLEE

    very nice burnalot420 . what temps do you have the water at and what ph?
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    Leaves rusting!!!:(

    yes use epsom salt at one tablespoon a gallon
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    Grow Room Odor Control Suggestions Please

    forget the ozone generator as it has a tell tale smell also
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    Help Design Grow Room

    dont forget a decent timer also
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    Mini Split A/C - DoubleD Help Please!

    if you dont have too pay for your water where you are in bc might want too consider one of these for cooling
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    Sweet BC Salmon

    sounds yummy have you tried this in a smoker also?
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    Gotta move plants asap

    not sure where you are so if heat is an issue during the day move them at night so as not too cook them in the move
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    Death to all but metal |..|

    :dull they looked like posion too me
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    I have arrived

    Thanks Thanks to:greenthumbdanny,ograskal,420Gemmy,Gilpro,Zoolander (wife loves the movie by the way),hererisssh, for the warm welcome. I'm looking forward to hanging and contributing. Will be posting pics of grows in the near future. :damnhippie: N2B4
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    I have arrived

    Howdy there fellow growers. :smiley_joint: I have found a new home, I have been lurking for a while. Would like to introduce myself and say "hi" to anyone that knows me from other sites. I like to read on others threads and grows and occasionally can add a thing or two myself. Have been growing...
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