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  1. CannaSeur

    MK Ultra 3

    sorry posted twice
  2. CannaSeur

    MK Ultra 3

    Your correct, its pacific G13 cubed. thats how they got the male
  3. CannaSeur

    Found this ..Are these guy with you Mota?

    Taking it like a frickin champ! WOW... This is unfrickin believable... 1st its pot pimp then canna collective and now I just hear matt riot... I feel very bad for you mota that you run into people like this.:( You certainly take it alot better than I would, cuz I'd be freaking out(not that...
  4. CannaSeur

    sannieshop ship to the USA

    sannies is the shit!!! Fast,affordable,good quality,honest and good service
  5. CannaSeur

    OG x Herojuana

    you can still get OGuana kush if you want but he wont mail to the US. i think he said he used an og s1 x heri. His name is chris, he may come off as a dink but hes striaight up
  6. CannaSeur

    How do you start seeds in hydroponics/hydroton?

    Hey everyone, I do not know if this has been answered or not and I have searched and haven't really found the answers I was looking for. When I 1st started growing I always started by jiffy's and moved to bigger pots blah blah blah. But now that I've switched over to hydroponics using...
  7. CannaSeur

    The male search..........

    Herijuana x G13 hashplant Herijuana x UBC Chemo UBC Chemo x G13 hashplant Sour turbo x Chem D The white x herijuana (china white) UBC Chemo (pure) G13 hashplant (pure) Chem D (pure) The white (pure) killa queen (pure) Please bring out your City slicker Mota!
  8. CannaSeur

    hp 13

    So when is this coming out reeferman? Is there a subscription for reeferman updates so I don't miss out on the sale? Are you goin to be bringing out your G-sus again???
  9. CannaSeur

    hp 13

    NO WAY! are you guys serious! I want that shit so bad too! I been looking for that for 2 years.
  10. CannaSeur

    Looking for a good dank commercial strain

    You should take a look at Grape Krush by DJ Short. the yield is apparently 2 pounds per 1000watt bulb, or seedsmans hash passion which has wicked yields at 45-50 days. Critical mass by Mr.Nice. But if your looking for strains here at the farm then I would suggest gourdbuster by motarebel.
  11. CannaSeur


    big buddhas is the same as GHS, Arjan and mike did a partnership thing working on the cheese fem. I think big budhas would be better and they are a a bit cheaper than GHS to boot. I would like that some day.
  12. CannaSeur

    trying to hop on the train

    You and me both ripz! I didn't know the GHS was such shit! I'm almost embaressed now especially when BH said that there probably isn't any trainwreck in the GHS TW. BOOO!!! British Hempire, do you have a strain list that you have/had sold? do you have a line up of whats coming out next for...
  13. CannaSeur

    Dutch passion fem seeds turn hermie

    I think growing femmed strains are very finicky to grow since it is not natural to begin with. They also say including Jason king that femmed plants do not have the same quality in taste than regular beans as well. I persoanlly haven't noticed this as I have not grown any regular strains of the...
  14. CannaSeur

    SFV OGK f3 vs bx2?

    Thank you so much swerve for making the OG kush available period. I so can't wait to be able to make a purchase. please save me a pack! I only have 14 posts to go,LOL.
  15. CannaSeur

    Greetings from Canada

    Ya I wonder why... oh well, I just hope there is a pack left for me by the time I get to 25 posts but at this rate I don't think so. someone buy a pack and hold it for me,LOL. Oh the humanity! P.S. would anyone know why I cannot see or find the THC bay anymore? I could have sworn it was...
  16. CannaSeur

    The judge called me a farmer.......

    Hey Mota , welcome to the farm here too. I'm a huge fan of your strains but you've made so many that there is no way I can catch up nor can I find them all,LOL. I have 6 of your strains now. I've been looking all over for a few of your strains and wanted to ask you a few questions since Chris as...
  17. CannaSeur

    Greetings from Canada

    Thanks cobra for the compliment. Too many killer strains too little time and space eh? Ya I guess your right ripz, thanks again. And yes SFV looks killer! I hope it be still around when I make it to 25,LOL.
  18. CannaSeur

    Greetings from Canada

    Hey samara, I'm from montreal. Moved here a year ago from Vancouver for a change. And yes i think I have to agree with you also about being a killer canna forum and auction with killer breeders hanging around to boot.
  19. CannaSeur

    Greetings from Canada

    Hey rips I can't get into that thread cuz i don't think I have a sufficient amount of posts. Thank you for trying to help, greatly appreciated. I just really really want the SFV og kush and I do not want to put up stupid posts wasting space just to get my 25 posts or 50 or whatever it may be...
  20. CannaSeur

    whats in your freezer

    I love looking at peoples strain libraries! And Dr. Candyman you are king of strain libraries, you even have males catalogued and tagged!!!:icon_dizzy: For myself I try to collect pure strains to do your own combos or just have it the way it is since its rare to get pure strains nowadays. ok...
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