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  1. detroitjoe

    Is this bad??

    What is it that your actually growing and are you growing it in a sponge? ohhh your growing k2 spice
  2. detroitjoe

    Is this bad??

    Flush them with sun warm water. next, remove all burned leaves. let them dry out for 2 or3 days Hit them with water hose repeat after 2 waterings. inspect. - if she’s still burning up, way too hot. Replant only clean medium. if shes not burning up, keep watering ( not flush) and then...
  3. detroitjoe

    New Girl Here! Looking for Friends / Advice

    Welcome to the farm!!!!!!
  4. detroitjoe

    New Grower - Mistakes have been made!

    Welcome to da farm!! And stop buying garbage from amazon
  5. detroitjoe

    Pics of grow

    Looks exotic. Very skinny leaves What is it?
  6. detroitjoe

    High everybody im Jason in Michigan USA first time greenhouse grow or first time any grow

    Great start, welcome to the pharm. You will find a wealth of knowledge here.
  7. detroitjoe

    BBW GG4

    10 gall From clone 3 month veg Soil : promix / compost Tap water I gotta get this big bitch outside!
  8. detroitjoe

    Do more lights equal more yield?

    Yes. More light = bigger yields BUT you will need to work the plant According to intensity. you will need to feed heavy and in faster increments.
  9. detroitjoe

    Pistils on GG #4 turning orange at week 2

    After all that, the question still stands
  10. detroitjoe

    Controlling odor coming from portable AC exhaust. Please help before I get myself in trouble.

    It’s dusty but that’s one of my very first Oder control experiments. I use the power of the furnace to my advantage... u can add an in-line fan for better efficiency
  11. detroitjoe

    Controlling odor coming from portable AC exhaust. Please help before I get myself in trouble.

    Break the exhaust line and attach a trap with water. Re connect line and if u can , take it as high up as possible. Depending on structure, if residential house, connect exhaust to furnace exhaust line.
  12. detroitjoe

    First timer from Michigan

    Welcome to the farm!!
  13. detroitjoe

    My plants has white spects

    Gotta look real close
  14. detroitjoe

    Please assist me? Ugh

    Your doing too much. Stop with all the transplanting Stop feeding Use plain water and let her be for a week seeds are better than clones :-)
  15. detroitjoe

    LED RAGE!!

    Huh? Y’all still using Monsanto products??
  16. detroitjoe

    Need help with some possible mites on my plant

    Boost humidity in the closet when you bring her in.
  17. detroitjoe

    Aquaman gets dirty

    Once u go black, u don't go back!!!
  18. detroitjoe

    Aquaman gets dirty

    Ahhh shit! Aquaman crossed over lol
  19. detroitjoe

    Hi, new grower here...

    Welcome to the farm
  20. detroitjoe

    Lets see your 2020 Outdoor Plants!

    I'm still waiting on mother may 22. And some of these will be going outside 🥳
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