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  1. william76

    Best afghani in a long long time

    Where can we get seeds?,is it in circulation?,76
  2. william76

    Super super Sliver haze Jamaica

    Sounds good!,76
  3. william76

    Super super Sliver haze Jamaica

    Nice!,whats the story?,76
  4. william76

    Who has the best super silver haze?

    Im growing f3s of the 97 ssh,that beats new release greenhouse and mns seeds ,doesnt it? Smells lovely,6 weeks into flower,ill get a pic tomoz at lights on,76
  5. william76

    Plants Start Drooping Toward Night Time

    Think that's taking it a bit to far,we are trying to mimic natural conditions . 76
  6. william76

    Plants Start Drooping Toward Night Time

    Exactly!, anymore than 17 hours light and its wasted,they don't process it efficiently after that,76
  7. william76

    For Sale Pineapple kush, purple kush and OG kush seeds

    Yea,id like to kno that too and there fems,?,yes,76
  8. william76

    For Sale Authentic Genetics 30% Discount Available!

    Thats great news!,welcome,76
  9. william76


    Looking good,I was gifted a few of these today!,whats the smell like?,thanks,76
  10. william76

    Wanted GMO seeds or clones

    Iv heard a few folk saying it was the perfect plant. Never had it but tryd the divine cookies and the gsc x cheese and they were fire!,gonna pop a few ha og x gsc,should be bomb!,76
  11. william76

    Seed pod released Embryo in water.

    Put it in soil/medium with the little green bit at top and root down,make sure the inside embryonic sack is off first though,if its not to late it will be fine.76
  12. william76

    Wanted Junky genetics

    No,sorry it was a joke!, junky,rehab,herijuana crack. Their is no junky genetics,there is a company called seed junky genetics,he might be who you mean,their gear is quite rare just now so it can be hard to find and expensive,hope you find what your looking for,all the best,76
  13. william76

    Wanted Junky genetics

    I think you mean seed junky genetics surely?a seedbank called junky genetics?wasnt that the guys that went into rehab,not much of a seed co.they only had the 2 strains,herijuana and green crack,lol,76
  14. william76

    Open Question to professional breeders (or any experienced breeder)

    Sorry,i misread I thot he was using Cs too!,76
  15. william76

    Open Question to professional breeders (or any experienced breeder)

    Contamination would have been my first thought but if you've ruled it out then.....?.sure iv heard of this, I cant remember the term for it but it is possible,think there's others here with more experience,maybe @logic , may know something more on it?.or texas kid or Mr castle .76
  16. william76

    Anyone Ever Tried Ladybugs To Control Pests In Indoor Grow Rooms?

    go ladybirds!,i still stick as many as the kids can catch in the tent and yea theres a bounty on them here too!,76
  17. william76

    Help male or female

    I just noticed ur a first time grower?,even more reason to kill it,until you have the experience to deal with something like want a trouble free first grow or two till you get the hang of things,then you'll be doing all sorts of cool things with this plant,good luck!,76
  18. william76

    Help male or female

    Kill it!,its showing male 1 side female thr other,unless u can isolate it to avoid contamination,might be worth experimenting with it if u can isolate it.see what happens when it pollinates itself.see what the progeny is like,very unlikely you'll find the next glue but still interesting...
  19. william76

    For Sale Crane City, Cannarado, CAP, Thug Pug

    Yea,some real nice fire there!,76
  20. william76

    Wanted gelato s1s or alien fommagio/grass knuckles

    Yea thats what I'm hoping for,f2s to f10s lol,I didnt think I'd get the aliendog and the alien kush but I did(thanks in part to the farm)any 50/50 tech xs id jump on,heard it was xd to mtf and a few others,I can dream tho right, I reckon if I breed 2 or 3 of the originals it will strengthen the...
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