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  1. AladInsane

    Blurple vs white

    Have used mixed LED's several times. Did not notice any difference between the all blourple and the mixed. Presently growing my first garden under all white.
  2. AladInsane

    LED Recommendations for 5x5 flowering

    If ya feel like doing a little assembly, Timber Grow Lights has kits they sell. Work great. Have built 4 of 'em.
  3. AladInsane

    What is your favourite strain for putting you in the comfort zone?

    Apollo 13 Ghost Train Haze Dr. Grinspoon My 3 kick ass strains..
  4. AladInsane

    LED growers who love their product- role call!

    Am using 4 200 watt Timber Grow Light LED's that I built. My grow area is 3' X 7'. Been using LED's for 6 or 7 years. Was using 3 300 watt Advanced LED's. When one of 'em quit working and I called customer service about replacement parts and was told they were obsolete. They wanted to sell me...
  5. AladInsane

    Help me choose between 2 leds please

    Check out Timber Grow Lights. Have used them for several grows with excellent results.
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