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  1. Deadstill

    Hello, World!!

    Hail from the great state of Colorado at the moment.
  2. Deadstill

    Need help white spots on leaves

    Kinda busy but a few quick tips on neem oil - 1. never ever ever even once spray neem when lights are on or sun is up. It is best to spray directly before or directly after the lights go off or sun goes down. Reason being- light will cause the neem to burn your leaves (look up neem burn). So...
  3. Deadstill

    Need help white spots on leaves

    Spider mites can be prevented and eliminated in a multitude of different ways. Neem oil if you're careful and still in veg is fine, but there's a lot to know about using Neem oil and if not done properly can cause more problems than it solves. If in flower, I prefer this stuff -...
  4. Deadstill

    Hello, World!!

    Howdy, and welcome to the Farm! 🤠 Should be alright. I have had issues in the past doing this, though. If you aren't supplying enough light to the plants when you bring them indoors from spending 12 hours in sunlight, they *can* (but not always) start to go into flower. Usually, if you have...
  5. Deadstill

    Need help white spots on leaves

    Look underneath the leaves very carefully with a magnifying glass if you have one. My bet is spider mites. Most common cause of damage represented in your pic.
  6. Deadstill

    When to water root riot cubes

    Depending on the humidity, whether the dome is on or not, etc. I found that I would typically water my clones in root riot cubes approximately every other day (or every day if the dome is off) with about 6 ml of water per cube. I use a 12ml syringe (the kind without the needle they sell at most...
  7. Deadstill

    New to hydroponics, assistance needed

    I've found running sterile hydroponics is a little easier to avoid headaches.. Especially if you're running a large grow. Cheaper, too. 1 to 2 ml per gallon per day of 5 to 7% sodium hypochlorite bleach keeps the root rot away 🤠
  8. Deadstill

    How far away from harvest are these?

    2 maybe 3 weeks, hard to say without looking at trichomes, but yeah 15-20% amber is about right
  9. Deadstill

    Potassium deficiency, nute burn or...?

    Looks like the start of calcium toxicity.
  10. Deadstill

    What's the Best Pest Protection Spray?

    Depends on what I'm growing, and what stage it is in. Generally I tend to use Garden Safe brand Neem Oil Extract Concentrate for most things except plants in flower...
  11. Deadstill

    New to THCfarmer

    Howdy partner, welcome to the Farm! 🤠
  12. Deadstill

    Need help! Is this a male?

    Aye he's a male and they're not seed pods they are pollen sacs forming. Welcome to the Farm, though! If you're new to growing I would carefully remove him from any other females in the vicinity, spray him down gently with a fine mist of water with a drop of dish soap, then carefully put him...
  13. Deadstill

    if one train is going east

    Depends on if that train travels through Kansas.
  14. Deadstill

    Something is destroying my plants!!

    Try an electric fence. They're relatively cheap. This one will cover quite a large area...
  15. Deadstill

    I have a confession it's true .

    Oh my Lord how precious! I love guinea pigs! I had one named Buddha that used to sit on his butt with his big belly hangin out like Buddha. Guinea pigs are definitely the best choice for small pets, in my opinion!
  16. Deadstill

    Who's got the biggest stalk

  17. Deadstill

    Found this on my outdoor flowering cola , Did my plant hermie?

    Also, pollen can travel miles in the right conditions. Someone growing nearby has a hermie, could pollenate your mamas. It's a thing, it happens. Especially here in CO where there's a lot of people growing, and not all of them good growers.
  18. Deadstill

    Frost Warning for Colorado & Vicinity

    Monday night 38, Tuesday night 29, Wednesday night 35. 20% chance of SNOW.. Call it what you want. Global warming, climate change, manipulated weather, weaponized weather... "They" pulled this shit on us last year, too. Thousands of farmers across the country filed for crop insurance claims...
  19. Deadstill

    Sickly plant :( could use some advice

    These don't look all that bad. I'm am wondering what your watering technique is like. Especially in hard pots, I always water until I see about 15-25% runoff. I will water them very slowly to make sure the soil is completely saturated. It is important to completely saturate your soil each time...
  20. Deadstill

    Is It Male or Female?

    male! Sorry! But welcome to the Farm! Feel free to check out our seeds and try again! 🤠
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