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    Being cheap for fun

    I recently aqcuired The Cannabis Grow Bible by Greg Green .It was half price because there was a dent in the cover from shipping.Im just writing this to toot my own horn.Partially.Also because I love to scour the bargain and clearance sections at bookstores for that exact reason.Anyway,it's...
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    Obama to sign landmark health care reform bill at White House ceremony

    2 hours, 40 minutes ago By The Associated Press ADVERTISEMENT WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama caps a yearlong political drama Tuesday by signing into law a landmark health care reform bill that had been seen as impossible just two months ago. Now, he must sell the law's merits...
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    more lighting questions....

    if i have a light that puts out 6500k does having four put out the same amount just more spread out or do i multiply the 6500 by 4 and thats what im working with?
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    Bio TLC

    has anyone heard of this stuff let alone ever even used it? it liquid fertilizer says it uses food grade crap and can be sprayed on the plant itself...i bought the 10-10-10 shiznit and it hasnt fried my babies .heres the link.i think it might be a canadian thing though.not too sure...
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    CFL Question

    has anyone seen the porch light cfl bulbs? there only 23 watts but they got PAR 38 thingie on the side of the package.would these have ANY redeeming value as a grow light or would it just be a waste of money?
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    why is this brown? wont upload.
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    Fertilizers and such

    is any fertilizer that is high in nitrogen be good for growing pot in? or even the special soil like that if you were to balance it out with other things. im talking about making soil using something seed starter for a base just because iuts loose and it going to kill the plant? not for...
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    high agan & High Times

    anyone else see High Again plugging the farm and the cali connection in the September issue of High Times?
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    whats wrong with these?

    anything? im not sure...:giggle
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    This is old,but funny
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    Ladies man

    no idea what these are.the bigger one came from a bunch of seeds i got from someone.the smaller was found in a gram of random pot.there a month apart in age,the big one being planted 3/29 the smaller 4/28.
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    D.o.b. 3/29

    what is this? male? female? sativa? it stinks and i love it but im totally in the dark
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    roots,bloody roots

    i had to dig up up my plant cause it was leaning over(i transplanted too shallow) but i figured i'd take a look at the roots while i was doing it and they're brownish and really thick sign of rotting or anything but is that normal? im not digging it up again for a picture,
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    Black Light CFL

    is it possible to grow with blacklights in a growroom?would you need too many for it to even be worth it? has anyone here done it?if so,what happened?
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    Pics of my plant

    this is my plant. it came from bagseed.planted on the 29th of using a combination of seed starter(not sure brand name) i think some miracle grow potting soil (0.18-0.18-0.18 mix) i water every few days.usually stick my finger in the dirt to see if its still wet. i think i burned it...
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    indica or sativa?

    at what point am i going to be able to tell what my plant is? i planted 7 seeds on the 29th of march.5 have died so far but the 2 that are still alive are looking far the bigger of the two has a set of one bladed leaves a set of three and a third set of three and it's about 2 and a half...
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    Is the Vancouver Island Seed Company still up and running? I checked out the website but it doesnt say if they're still in business and theres no phone number to call.Also,how good are the seeds?
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    has anybody here read or heard anything about these little aero gardens for growing herbs? are they anygood? would it be worth the $150 to go pick one up?
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    one of my bigger plants (probably about a foot ,maybe less) has turned bright purple with a little red between the top set of leafs and the next one down. the top set of leaves have a rust color to the inside them. is this good or bad?
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    seedling growth

    i planted two seeds last thursday and already they're both about 3 inches this normal? theyre dark green(healthy looking) and have the serrated leaves already
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