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  1. mancorn

    First timer here!! Got pics advice please

    You can use throughout grow, no need for a bloom. (The idea of needing a special bloom fert is way overblown. (There are some reasons to use it, but 90% of growers would be fine without.) I’m not suggesting that Dyna-grow is the be all to end all, just one of the better single bottle brands as...
  2. mancorn

    First timer here!! Got pics advice please

    Both Alaska fish fertilizer and molasses are better used for feeding soil microorganisms than feeding plants. Not like they’re a problem, molasses will add a little calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron, but unless you have good living soil, think you’d be better off with a balanced bottle for...
  3. mancorn

    How many watts for a 2x4 growspace

    Spend 10 minutes under a blurple grow light and then tell us how fun it is. It’s like hanging out in a nuclear reactor. I read through this thread and then the wife had to stop me from gorging my eyes out with the melon baller. The kicker came when Aqua Man ask you how much you wanted to...
  4. mancorn

    How many watts for a 2x4 growspace
  5. mancorn

    How many watts for a 2x4 growspace

    Stop fixating on the wattage!! Watts measure how much energy a light uses, not how much light is produced. Light isn't measured in watts. It's measured in foot-candles or lumens (and for grow lights often show as PAR/PPFD). You can just connect a piece of metal to a couple wires if you just want...
  6. mancorn

    Need help with this plant issue

    I’d guess a (nitrogen) toxicity. Leaves are shiny dark green with clawed ends. What’s your feed and schedule?
  7. mancorn

    Seen this potting soil at walmart today

    How much for the truck? 😉
  8. mancorn

    Fox Farm Happy Frog Schedule

    Have you tried Recipe 420? I saw it at a slight discount on the FF last year (which for me is around $12-13 for the 1.5cf FFOF and $13-14 for the 2cf Happy Frog). Most of the time I’ve seen in it was around $20-$22 1.5cf, so never tried it. But figured if it’s still cheap this spring I’d give it...
  9. mancorn

    My ph went from 6 to 5 pls help lol

    I’d do a pour through test to make sure your soil has really been trashed. Then try flushing your pots. Chasing pH fixes will probably just make things worse, but as mentioned lime and dolomite will raise your soil pH. You can also try...
  10. mancorn

    Help wanted...what is this?

    Take pictures under natural light. The vast majority of leaf problems originate from the underside, so make sure and inspect the bottom of your leaves.
  11. mancorn

    My ph went from 6 to 5 pls help lol

    What’s your soil and how are you testing it’s pH? If the soil is buffered you’re not going to be able to dramatically raise the soil pH by pouring in high pH water. Dolomite or lime will raise soil pH. Oyster shell will also help buffer soil and is cheap.
  12. mancorn

    Fox Farm Happy Frog Schedule

    Unless they’ve changed formula, only Big Bloom is organic.
  13. mancorn

    Should I top or FIM my plant?

    When I first started growing I was shaking my males saying “hey look at this weird shit”. (This was pre-internet.) Probably wiped out an few hectares of sensimilla.
  14. mancorn

    Is she ready? Excuse the insane frost 🥶

    Focus! Can’t really tell, but normally I’d wait until you see the first amber on parts you’re going to keep. I.e. the sugar leaves turn first, but since they’re going in the compost I’d use the calyx trichomes to judge. You have nice frost on your leaves, so you might go ahead and use them as a...
  15. mancorn

    Can mixing a cucumber vine in my veg tent accidently pollenate my northern lights girls?

    Yeah in my neck of the woods any melons, squash, gourds are a PM magnetic.
  16. mancorn

    Am I overwatering my seedlings?

    Misting is not a good watering technique. This just wets the top layer (where there are no roots). Hopefully you have cut drainage holes in your cup. (I normally just do 4, but some growers will punch a bunch of holes, and you pretty much can’t have too many). Use a small glass and pour a...
  17. mancorn

    How long does it take a boken beach to heal...

    It’s really the vascular tissue (the green soft part on the outside of the stem) that conveys the water and what needs to stay intact. So the stem can stay broken, and not necessarily ever form back together. It’s better to split the broken area and connect the splint (with twine) to the stem...
  18. mancorn

    Giveaway - Spider Farmer SF1000 LED Grow Light

    Well dang, just had to jump a chip on my cheap ass blurple panel after joining the Solo Cup Challenge and trying an outdoor grow in January (in North America). Figured I was a shoe-in for a new light. 😀 Thanks for the contest!
  19. mancorn

    For Sale Gorilla Glue 5 & 10 packs

    Well, it depends on if you want to believe, but Harvest Mutual and Tree Star (both U.S.) have Original Glue (GG4) X Original Glue (GG4) S1 from Josey’s GG Strain (for $20 a seed). Which technically aren’t manufactured by GG, but by partners. If you’ve been looking for years, sure you’ve been...
  20. mancorn

    Solo Cup Challenge - Inspired by Bean throwing Day

    Well it’s bad enough it’s winter, but I’ve unfortunately discovered that the sun is so low on the horizon, that the cup lip throws a shadow over half the top. (I feel like I’m just minutes away from kicking over my cups while balancing/tilting for maximum yield.
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