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    new ommp needs grower

    Space is filled... and I don't know how to delete the post. Thanks.
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    What are Elite Genetics?

    Very true.
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    new ommp needs grower

    I'm an indoor-only grower in North Portland (near St Johns bridge) looking for 1 patient. My regular arrangement is 1 oz/month free with additional available for a reasonable reimbursement of expenses. I never want anyone to go totally without because they are broke, but I also can't afford to...
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    Greetings from Shango!

    Hello - I'm new to these parts but moderately experienced in various types of growing. I'm a legal med patient and grower in Oregon...and I love Oregon! If you're local, I give out a lot of clones and seeds. My goal as a youngster was to grow so much herb that it would help bring the price...