Albino Fire Skunk OG
Albino Fire Skunk OG
55-65 days
Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor

Albino Fire Skunk OG Cannabis Seeds Lineage

Pineapple Skunk x (White Fire OG # 3 X Snowlotus)

Albino Fire Skunk OG Description

Smells will be berry, floral, burnt rubber background on the Pineapple Skunk leaning phenos and straight gas, watermelon to rubbing alcohol. and my personal favorite which is dominant on this strain..(peach flavored baby powder) she is a great strain for breeding projects. These plants stink in veg and really emit odors as they kick into flower. Precautions should be taken. Flowering times go from 8 to 10.5 weeks depending on phenos. Expect to see dense and colorful buds glazed with resin.