Alpenglow Seeds
Alpenglow Seeds
Gender Regular
Flowering Time 56-63 days
  1. Indoor
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Outdoor
Package Size 11
Mostly Indica
  1. Medium
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Cherry Vanilla Cookies x Oregon Huckleberry


AlpenGlow grows large, dense, colorful trichome coated colas that display a low amount of variation in structure and potency throughout the offspring’s entirety. Aromas of vanilla cream, lavender, black currants, dark red wine and undertones of earthy/oak/hazelnut make for a unique sensory experience. Effects are immediately felt with a warm tingling sensation in your head that quickly travels throughout. Not recommended for beginners.

A glance into a room of flowering AlpenGlow is comparable to a glimmering sunset upon the mountains. Hues of magenta, purple, red, yellow, violet, maroon and green make this one of the more fascinating fades we’ve seen in the cannabis gene-pool. Colors are so vivid that they radiate with a nostalgic autumn vibration, casting a visual sense of pleasure and awe.
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