Burning Bush
Burning Bush
55-60 days
Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor

Cannabis Seeds Lineage

Egyptian Landrace x Love Potion #1

Marijuana Seeds Description

Burning bush is another one of our new Landrace based f-1 Hybrids bred with outdoor production in mind , Burning bush all started in 2006 when Sam the Skunkman told me about a Egyptian landrace . We jumped on a Plane from Amsterdam and headed to Dahab Egypt long story short we were nearly blown up by a Bombing attack but we indeed found the landrace of the Sainai I stopped in the Midst of the desert near the boarder with Israel and pondered the Long history of the region and thought about the Bible and the Hashish found in the Pyramids , Smoked some of the Hashish made from the very plants my Beduan guides took the seeds from and thought I am going to Breed a great strain and call it the burning bush !

Well here we are a decade later the breeding of this plant took many parts firt growing out the initial stock and selecting the best parents etc . I found a "pole" pheno and a "bush" pheno . Ironically I used the 'pole Pheno" we were doing a project for hash production and we really needed plants that could tollerate drought conditions , the people I was working with really loved a dry sieve made from Love potion , so the first project after slections was making f-1 hybrids between Pole pheno Egyptian landraces and my Love potion Males . That project went very well the hashish was wanderfull it was like honey Moroccan with a strong Lemmon skunk taste on the toungue .

Shortly after that period I found myself in a much different enviornment for several years we grew out alot of the f-1 to a f-3 generation but we could grow pure love potion and any other long flowering strain we wanted to grow so they got shelved . later on I found myself back on the Candian prairie I began to work with the seeds again , this time I grew about 300 plants on a hillside and they actually finished by Sept 24 just loving the dry praire climate .

This year I decided I should finally share this amzing plant again I did a selection indoors , we have selected to the point that the plant smells and tastes almost exactly Like Love potion #1 yet its a compact single pole type plant left untopped they can grow 7' tall single pole from the ground up and yield -1-1.5 oz per ft its ideal for planting in field production close together as the plants will not shade each other .

Its smells of Lemon pledge floor cleaner most who know love potion will identify it right away , the difference is that on the back end of the smell its has a leathery black hash componet .

The plants are reisstant to drought and wind and are very easy to grow ideal for crops grown from seeds , I have always grown this plant from seeds never kept a mother I am sure they will bush out when topped .

Burning bush is a truely unique creation , the high is superb up and inspirational its smell is strong yet does not scream MJ , this is a must try for those of you who are tired of the factory MJ genetics or who want to grow commercial outdoor crops of exotic MJ or Hashish .