DDoS #33 Seeds
DDoS #33 Seeds
DDoS #33 is a U.S. genetic masterpiece featuring an unbelievable cluster of terpenes merged to create something truly magnificent.
Gender Feminized
Flowering Time 60-70 days
  1. Indoor
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Outdoor
Package Size 10
Indica/Sativa MIx
  1. Medium
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Do-Si-Dos x Sherbet x GSC


DDoS #33 Strain Info
This is the ultimate melting pot of flavor, fabulousness, and flabergasting yields. Thrown into the mix is a crazy-good potency level that casually tests at 27% THC, with some lucky bloomers reaching as much as 29% – enough to make even the most experienced smoker see stars! Pair that with the perfect blend of 65% Indica, and 35% Sativa lineage and you simply can’t turn down another hit.

The DDoS #33 family tree includes strains such as the already sought-after Do-Si-Dos, the delectable Sherbert, and the illustrious Girl Scout Cookies!

Flowering Time
After the buttering up and anticipation of her great qualities, your plant will be ready in a flower time of just 60-70 days.

Above all, DDoS #33’s biggest claim to fame among growers is her incredible turnover of up to 2000g (70.5oz) of bud per plant outdoors, while indoors, she can produce a harvest of up to an extraordinary 800 g/m2 (2.6 oz/m2)! Need we say more?

DDoS #33’s exhilarating effects detonate as soon as the smoke meets your lips. It starts with a euphoric jerk into a happy headspace, followed by a soothing, sedating stone to entice you into glorious slumber. This powerful medley of sensations will leave you savoring every moment of your time with your new cannabis confidant. With her gentle embrace, beware not to overindulge – you may get stuck in la-la land for too long and miss your alarm clock!

Medical Properties
With potency like DDoS #33’s, you can expect this strain to work wonders for insomnia and chronic stress, knocking your worries out of the ballpark.

THC Level
Her memorable potency comfortably reachers 27% THC, with the potential to go as high as 29% in the right conditions.

Smell And Taste
DDoS #33’s mad-scientist breeders successfully created a strain exhibiting a terpene profile that’s borderline extraterrestrial, with a mysteriously perfect brew of sweet and savory. A sugary whisper with traces of lingering spice finished off with a lemon essence – this experience couldn’t be more appealing.

Grow Tips
This strain’s presence is awe-inspiring, with colors of lime green contrasting shades of amethyst across lushly compressed flowers and broadened leaves. They are delightfully compact plants, so expect a height of only 80-100cm (31.5”-39.5”). Despite their compact size, the density of buds sporadically sprouting from every crevice is enough to make DDoS #33 the best grow of your lifetime. For the best results keep this grow info in mind:
  • DDoS #33 is known for her raging terpenes, so we advise installing a carbon filter to minimize smells.
  • Although this strain grows best in a warmer climate and higher humidity, she is still fairly beginner-friendly and should produce well in most conditions.
  • Fun fact: Fluctuations between warm days and cold nights may encourage more obvious variations in purple and green hues.
DDoS #33 Seeds
Come along for the ride to a galaxy far far away and buy a pack of DDoS #33 feminized seeds online today. From the minute your eyes meet the spectacular harvest you have ahead of you, your feet will no longer touch the ground as you soar to new heights of cannabis cultivation.
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