Fem Mix Pack #1 Seeds
Fem Mix Pack #1 Seeds
The Herbies Seeds Fem Mix Pack #1 is the latest selection from our very best care-free growing strains with ultra-high potency. These plant-and-go feminized seeds – DDoS #33, Runtz Punch, and Blueberry Hill.
Gender Feminized
Flowering Time 55-65 days
  1. Indoor
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Outdoor
Package Size 15
Indica/Sativa MIx
  1. Medium
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Mixed Strains


Perfect for: Growers who want effortless yet potent harvests
  • Only feminized strains
  • THC levels of 24-29%
  • Beginner-friendly with similar grow patterns
Fem Mix Pack #1 Smoke Review: Effects and Flavors
When strains possess the legendary lineage of all-time favorites such as Blueberry, Afghan, Sherbert, and Girl Scout Cookies, it should come as no surprise when their flavors, potency, and growability are simply exceptional. These three Indica-dominant yet well-balanced hybrids are the crème de la crème of modern strains and deserve every bit of the spotlight.

Blueberry Hill
The most Indica-dominant strain in the pack, Blueberry Hill induces a lovely laid-back disposition with a serene joy that washes over the body and mind. Her deep blueberry terpene profile with earthy undertones creates a dreamy flavor experience that fits seamlessly with her anti-depressant and sleep-inducing effects.

DDoS #33
The most well-balanced Indica-Sativa hybrid in the pack, DDoS #33 shocks your system into a euphorically happy state, followed by a slow onset stone that increasingly soothes and sedates your body and mind. Another strain with terpenes that delight the senses, enjoy the enchanting sweet and savory blend of lemon squares with a whisp of spice while you drift into a zone.

Runtz Punch
The most complex balance between elation and sedation, Runtz Punch inspires a wonderful creative rush while inducing a deep body relaxation that melts away your aches and pains. Her rich, creamy flavor makes for an appetizing smoke, while her mosaic of lavender and citrus terpenes fills the air with a soothing, nostalgic aroma.

Fem Mix Pack #1 Grow Info: Appearance and Grow Tips
This mix pack is all about low-maintenance strains with effortlessly great yields of potent bud to enjoy after a short wait. Blueberry Hill has the shortest flowering time with just 50-55 days while still managing to produce up to 650g/m2 (2.1oz/ft2) indoors. Following suit is Runtz Punch with a crazy harvest of up to 600g/m² (2oz/ft²) indoors, while DDoS #33 blows them both out of the water with an extraordinary yield potential of 800g/m2 (2.6oz/ft2)!

With unbelievable yields like that, could this pack get any better? For the best outcome possible, try following this grow info and see just how much bud you can harvest:
  • Blueberry Hill and DDoS #33 are both highly pungent strains that require a carbon filter indoors to keep your plants discreet.
  • Runtz Punch is quite a compact plant. That being said, be sure to grow her in a final pot of about 20-30 liters (5.2-7.9 U.S. gallons) to give her roots plenty of space to develop.
  • Blueberry Hill does better in drier climates, away from moisture. Try to keep the humidity in indoor spaces on the lower side and make sure your plants have ample space to breathe.
  • Runtz Punch is a fantastic strain for concentrates thanks to its appetizing terpene profile and excellent resin production. If you like concentrates, why not keep some of your harvest aside?
  • Fun fact: DDoS #33 is a beautiful plant with purple and green hues. If your plant is exposed to warm days and cold nights, get ready to watch those colors bloom into life!
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