Grand Daddy Purple Seeds
Grand Daddy Purple Seeds
Grand Daddy Purple feminized seeds produce a classic go-to weed when all you want is to relax, thanks to the 100% indica genetics.
Gender Feminized
Flowering Time 55-70 days
  1. Indoor
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Outdoor
Package Size 6
  1. Medium
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Afghan Kush x Mendo Purps x Skunk #1


The Grand Daddy Purple feminized marijuana seeds are an Indica, a cross of Afghanistan, Mendo Purps, and Skunk cannabis strains.

This Californian strain has made a name for itself and invaded weed lovers and 420 circles worldwide. It goes by different names: Granddaddy Purple Kush, Grand Daddy Purp, Granddaddy Purps, or simply GDP.

The buds of this super-potent cannabis strain won the 2015 Best U.S. Indica award at the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup.

Plants from Grand Daddy Purple cannabis seeds are mold resistant and can thrive even when grown outdoors.

However, for best results, opt for controlled indoor growth.

Flavors of the Grand Daddy Purple Strain
A puff of Grand Daddy Purple strain hits your taste buds with sweet, grape, berry, spicy, and flavors.

Effects of the Grand Daddy Purple weed seeds
Pot from Grand Daddy Purple weed seeds has happy, sleepy, and relaxing effects.

On the negative side, users of GDP pot report dry mouth, dizziness, and dry eyes.

Grand Daddy Purple Seeds USA Grow Tips
Our Grand Daddy Purple Feminized seeds USA can grow both indoors and outdoors and in greenhouses.

This strain is classified as easy to grow; even beginner growers can give this strain a shot.

The plants from the seeds grow into a medium height ranging between 90 – 120 cm.

It flowers in 8 – 10 weeks.

With the right growing conditions, expect yields up to 600grams per square meter for indoor cultivation and up to 400grams per plant for outdoor cultivation.

For outdoor growth, Grand Daddy Purple seeds do well in steppe and Mediterranean climates.

With outdoor harvests are expected around late September or early October and late March to early April.
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