Holy Xmas
Holy Xmas
55-60 days
Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor

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Big Sur Holyweed X '79 Xmas Bud

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Big Sur Holy Weed
is one of the legendary California strains, but not from the Emerald Triangle. Big Sur Holy Weed comes from the coastal area of California just south of San Francisco and Monterey, and north of SamLuis Obispo. The genetics of this sativa-dominant hybrid are obscure, but Big Sur Holy Weed is rumored to be a descendant of Zacatecas Purple, an original Mexican sativa, and Mazar i Sharif, itself a combination of Afghani and Skunk strains

Xmas Bud
from the east coast. A pure Indica style plant that grows like a Christmas Tree and smells of Pinene & Terpinolene