Indica Mix Seeds
Indica Mix Seeds
In our Indica Mix, we’ve included three truly outstanding Indica-dominant strains, all of which produce compact and fast-flowering plants covered from head to toe in stinky resin.
Gender Feminized
Flowering Time 55-65 days
  1. Indoor
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Outdoor
Package Size 15
Mostly Indica
  1. Medium
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Mixed Strains


Perfect For: A Heavy-Hitting Body-Numbing Experience
  • A very short seed-to-bowl journey.
  • Super dank buds with exquisite terpene profiles.
  • A stone that’ll make you weak in the knees and speechless.
Indica Mix Smoke Review
Modern Indicas can be so potent that they can make you lose control of your body, either wholly or just partly – but this is exactly what makes them so much fun. All three strains in our mix do this to you, but each has a special feature; Za-Za OG is stimulating when used in moderation, Philosopher’s Stone causes mildly psychedelic trips, and Hypnotical Auto makes you drift into blissful sleep.

Indica Mix Effect
Philosopher’s Stone boasts 22-26% THC. Combined with its 1.5% CBD and complex mixture of other cannabinoids and terpenes, it fills your mind with hilarious relaxation and may distort what you hear and see, or draw intricate bright fractals when you close your eyes.

Za-Za OG has 26% THC, which is enough to drown you in a roaring torrent of euphoria. You can either keep medicating until you’re unable to move or measure out your tokes to sail through your day happy, motivated, and alert.

Hypnotical Auto is a very potent late evening medicine. Thanks to its 21-26% THC, you can soothe your pains and aches, purge the fatigue of a long day, and spend a few hours happily dozing off in front of the TV.

Indica Mix Flavor
In Philosopher’s Stone, the pungent smell of Skunk is made interesting by notes of nut, while the taste is tantalizingly fresh and sweet. The terpene profile of Za-Za OG is totally different – citrus fruit, berries, and diesel exhaust, like a big city in the tropics. Hypnotical Auto hits you in the face with lemony dankness and then taunts you with elusive notes of spices and wood.

Indica Mix Grow Info: Appearance and Grow Tips
The common theme of all three strains in our Indica Mix is their sturdy compact appearance, short flowering time, and insane resin production.

Philosopher’s Stone is an inspired composition of the world’s oldest commercial Indica varieties: Afghan Kush and Mazar. To make things interesting, some Skunk #1 genes were added to the mix. The resulting hybrid is a masterpiece of compactness – only 40-70cm (16-28 inches) at the time of harvest. Despite this short stature and not too long flowering time of 65–70 days, the yields are among the best in the industry at 500-700g/m² (1.6–2.3oz/ft²).
  • Use SOG to maximize yields.
  • You’ll need a good carbon filter, as the smell is very strong.
Good resistance to cold and various diseases also makes Philosopher’s Stone a rewarding outdoor cultivar. She finishes by the beginning of October with generous yields of up to 800-1000g (1.8-2.2lb) per plant.

Za-Za OG is a taller and more branchy strain that will benefit from bigger pots and fewer plants in the same surface area. She also responds well to training, including ScrOG. If left alone, this Indica can reach 90-160cm (3-5 feet) in height, with a towering central cola and many long side branches. The indoor production is high: 600-800g/m² (2-2.5 oz/ft²), and you can harvest fully mature buds after just 50-60 days of flowering.
  • Expect considerable stretching after the 12/12 flip.
  • Be sure to lollipop/prune lower and weaker branches.
  • Defoliate for better light penetration and air circulation.
Outdoors, this 75% Indica grows bushy and tall – up to 180cm (6 feet) – and will finish in the middle of October. The bud production is high at 1600-1800g (3.5-4lb).

Hypnotical Auto is a medium-tall Indica reaching a height of 70-130cm (2-4 feet) both indoors and outdoors. This is a carefully stabilized cross of Critical and Skunk, and as such, it’s very resistant and high-yielding. Her total crop time is about 9-10 weeks, and yields range from average to high – 300-500g/m² (0.9-1.6oz/ft²).
  • There’s minimum branching, so SOG is the preferred training method.
  • Start her straight in the final pot to avoid transplant shock.
  • Use any photoperiod between 12 and 20 hours of light per day.
Outdoors, this hardy variety will thrive at any time of year provided that the temperature doesn’t go lower than 10 °C (50 °F).

Indica Mix Seeds
You should buy these seeds if you want three distinct Indica genetics in one pack. The strains are separately packed and marked to avoid any confusion.
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