Jelly Bananas Seeds
Jelly Bananas Seeds
Jelly Bananas - Banana OG x Banana Cream Cake/Jealousy, 10 feminized seeds, 9 weeks flowering
Gender Feminized
Flowering Time 63 days
  1. Indoor
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Outdoor
Package Size 10
Mostly Indica
  1. Medium
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Banana OG x Banana Cream Cake/Jealousy


Banana OG
60% Indica dominant cannabis strain with impressive THC percentages. On average, you can expect between 18 to 25% THC from Banana OG. Legendary genetics such as Skunk Haze, Ghost OG, and Banana Kush went into the creation of this fine cannabis strain. The buds are bright green and blanketed in amber-colored trichomes that appear to glow slightly yellow through the luscious coating of frosty trichomes. The buzz is described as being a very relaxing and creative one that ultimately leads to a weed nap. The flavor is described as earthy and spicy with a dank tropical taste. Many people say this is an excellent strain for fighting off anxiety, depression, and the symptoms of stress and insomnia.

Banana Cream x Jealousy
Sweet mushy banana cream terps, And the cream comes off in a heavy dough flavor, with baked cookie and pie crust notes. then it has an herbal musky background with a milligram of dry cheese. Rubber terps (not burnt rubber). Sweet & creamy Ice cream / Lollypop flavors. When broken open, the skunky freezer burnt fruity gelato ice cream terp escapes. Aftergrind has more creamy but slightly sweeter- mushy banana, with heavy cookie dough flavors, hidden earth and wood, and lemon pine gas.
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