JSD Sugar Drum
JSD Sugar Drum
55-60 days
Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor

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Blue Zombie x Super Silver Grape

Marijuana Seeds Description

Blue Zombie
Is a full indica that boasts medical-grade potency and effects. With notes of fresh ground coffee, fuel, and skunky grape, this strain packs a surprising diverse array of terpenes. Wrapping the mind in an uplifting, mood enhancing haze, Blue Zombie creeps onto the body with numbness and sedation within the first half hour. Patients suffering from chronic pain may benefit greatly from this particular cut.

Super Silver Grape
Super Silver Haze x Godzilla Grape Indica yields with sativa highs. Many phenos but some great moms to be found. Indica/Sativa cross of the highest order.

Heavy yields
Smells /sweet candy
Indica dom pheno
Day smoke, energetic and focused
Pinks, Purples, and Red highlights.