Moondawg F2
Moondawg F2
55-60 days
Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor

Cannabis Seeds Lineage

Chemdawg x Old Time Moonshine

Marijuana Seeds Description

This an F2 that we at the Farms have been working on slowly and deliberately. It is Loompa's Chemdawg crossed to DJ Short's Old Time Moonshine. 4 females and 3 males were used to make this F2 generation. With the females being selected over several years of going through the initial F1 cross. We wanted to make sure in the F2 generation all the variation of the parentage on both sides was maintained while at the same time carefully selecting the best females. Initial breeding goals are to maintain pheno's from both parentage while at the same time to work into the mix pheno's that combine the best traits from both sides.

Chemdawg when grown properly and maximized can yield some very racy heart thumping, sweaty palm phenos and we wanted to create a breed that maintians the potency but tweaks the quality of high just a bit. So taking the OTM and using it settle down the raciness and introduce more anti stress and and anti-anxiety while maintaining the potency and resin production. You will find a large variation for connoisseurs to go through and pick and choose their own desired pheno, in a range of types that will vary from more short squat kush type plants all the way into the full blown sativa phenos and everything in between. This line in its current state will have some serious gems in there for all sorts of growers no matter what your looking for.

This work has been a combination of indoor selections and outdoor selections, and expect to see the majority do very well outdoors as well as indoors. This line has not been worked to produce yield. We are connoisseurs here at Loompa Farms and not cash croppers. Though we can say that we did find one particular female that performed incredibly outdoors and in, was a perfect mix of both its parentage, and does have the yielding characteristics many of you may be looking for. Expect to go through bigger selection sample sizes to find your truly special plants, but they are all in there.