Ocean Grown Cookies
Ocean Grown Cookies
55-60 days
Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Mostly Indica

Cannabis Seeds Lineage

OG Kush x Girl Scout Cookies

Marijuana Seeds Description

Ocean Grown Cookies is a feminised cannabis strain that brings together two U.S. legends, namely OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies

The high delivered by Ocean Grown Cookies can only be described with one word: devastating. Her crushing THC levels of around 20% and her almost non-existent CBD content (approx. 0.1%) make her particularly powerful. Her psychoactive effect is incredibly potent, narcotic, and long-lasting. Expect a gentle blow of euphoria that goes straight to the head and turns into a nice feel of physical relaxation over time. Powerful, hard-hitting, and sedative, in true Californian style.