Purple Aliens Seeds
Purple Aliens Seeds
Purple Aliens is an out-of-this-world cannabis strain ideal for both medicinal and recreational uses. This cultivar features stunning colors, rich, sweet-and-earthy flavors, and a solid yield of incredibly frosty buds.
Gender Feminized
Flowering Time 70-80 days
  1. Indoor
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Outdoor
Package Size 6
Indica/Sativa MIx
  1. Medium
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Alien OG x Purple Punch


Purple Aliens is a potent cannabis strain ideal for both medicinal and recreational uses. It’s large, colorful buds are earthy and sweet, and emit a powerful pine-scented perfume.

Though labeled as an even 50/50 hybrid, this hard-hitting strain tends to lean heavily on the indica side of the spectrum. Both in its growth pattern and its effects, Purple Aliens boasts all of the characteristics any indica fan would love.

Thanks to its dense, trichome-rich flowers, fantastic flavor, and powerful effects, Purple Aliens is, indeed, a stellar strain.

The Purple Aliens cannabis strain comes from parents, Alien OG and Purple Punch. With such attractive parents, it’s no wonder Purple Aliens has become such a fan favorite. Purple Aliens clearly adopts the best characteristics of both parents to deliver a clear-headed body high and relief in all the right places.
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