Purps #1
Purps #1
60 days
Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor
Mostly Indica

Cannabis Seeds Lineage

Blueberry x Purple Afghan Kush

Marijuana Seeds Description

Broadly speaking, Purps #1 is an indica-shaped cannabis plant. However, we cannot confirm this plant to be 100 % indica. Despite her incredibly wide and serrated leaves one would think are typically Indica, there are other features that indicate otherwise. For starters, Purps #1 grows vigorously and she stretches quite a lot. In fact, she grows upwards without having to extend the vegetative period, and her inter-nodes are surprisingly ample.

Purps #1 delivers a clearly relaxing high. However, despite her high THC levels, she’s not devastating. Her effect is indeed cerebral and helps to flee the frenetic daily thoughts, but it’s a trip with a smooth return. Physically speaking, your muscles will feel fully relaxed.