Santa’S Side Bitch
Santa’S Side Bitch
55-60 days
Indoor, Greenhouse, Outdoor

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Irene Kush x ’79 Xmas Bud

Marijuana Seeds Description

Irene Kush
is a sour-scented hybrid strain that is said to have originated in the United States' Deep South. Its genetics are a mystery to most, but rumor has it that Irene OG descended from California's OG Kush. Hints of its heritage are found in its earthy pine aroma, but this hybrid has a distinctive diesel smell that deviates from the typical OG flavor. The onset begins with a high-energy cerebral buzz and accelerated thoughts. Over time, Irene OG sinks into the rest of the body, balancing physical and mental relief.

Xmas Bud
from the east coast. A pure Indica style plant that grows like a Christmas Tree and smells of Pinene & Terpinolene