Sativa Mix Seeds
Sativa Mix Seeds
Our special Sativa Mix is for those growers who love an uplifted energizing effect with a mind-warping twist. An added bonus is a little diversity of genetics.
Gender Feminized
Flowering Time 50-60 days
  1. Indoor
  2. Greenhouse
  3. Outdoor
Package Size 15
Indica/Sativa MIx
  1. High
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Mixed Strains


Perfect For: Electrifying Mental Stimulation
  • Jump-start your day with a potent tonic.
  • Achieve mental clarity or smoke more for a psychedelic trip.
  • Enjoy unique flavors that more common strains lack.
Sativa Mix Smoke Review
These three strains combine the jubilant uplifting high of Sativa genetics with exotic aromas and tastes. Their character is on a spectrum, from a more familiar Skunk euphoria of Orange Buddy Auto to the high-octane fuel for your brains that Choco Thai provides.

Sativa Mix Effect
Yuzu Fantazy is a happy 26% THC marriage between varieties from Southeast Asia and Jamaica, and her effects are like the exhilaration you feel when visiting some tropical paradise. A perfect pick-me-up for the morning or a remedy against fatigue in the late afternoon.

Choco Thai, with her 27% THC, is even more invigorating, to the point where you just can’t stop talking or even sit still for more than a few seconds. Time slows down to a crawl while all your senses and faculties shift to hyperdrive.

Orange Buddy Auto is a bit more tamed than her photoperiod counterparts, but this 22% THC Sativa-dominant Skunk fills your body and soul with all-pervading euphoria while giving your thoughts a creative twist.

Sativa Mix Flavor
Yuzu Fantazy has an unmistakable flavor of far-off places because her buds smell of incense and exotic hardwood against the lemony background. Choco Thai, with her heritage of Chocolate Thai and Strawberry Haze, is drenched in sweet and fruity aromas with distinctive notes of chocolate. Orange Buddy Auto is a pungent and citrusy olfactory bomb, just like a real Skunk should be.

Sativa Mix Grow Info: Appearance and Grow Tips
As cultivars, Sativa-dominant strains need some getting used to, but there’s nothing about these three that even a beginner grower can’t handle.

Yuzu Fantazy is a relatively compact Sativa that reaches 3-5 feet (80-150cm) indoors and can be trained to an even more manageable size. On the other hand, her flowering phase is quite unhurried; she may need 75-90 days from the start of 12/12. She won’t waste any of this time though, producing scale-busting yields of 700-900g/m² (2.3-3.2 oz/ft²).
  • Give her plenty of light and higher than usual doses of nutrients
  • Don’t delay the start of 12/12, and prepare for a great flowering stretch
  • Supercrop those side branches that overtake the rest.
Outdoors, Yuzu Fantazy will grow into a typical Haze tree: 160-220cm (5-7 feet) in height with plenty of sturdy side branches.

Choco Thai has almost no Indica genes in her DNA, so she will grow tall and bushy, with long branches and spacy internodes. There’ll be no issue with light penetration, but the plants will tend to fill all available space. The good news is that the flowering time is unexpectedly short – only 65-70 days from the day you flip the switch.
  • Make sure your grow tent is tall and the light powerful.
  • Don’t protract the veg or use the 12/12 light schedule from seed.
  • Go easy on the nutes and, if you can, use organics.
Outdoors, Choco Thai can be harvested by the middle of October, with yields of 0.6-0.8kg (1.2-1.8lb) per plant from very tall but strong bushes, reaching anywhere from 140 to 300cm (5-10 feet).

Compared with the former two, Orange Buddy Auto can be grown on cruise control. Only 70-120cm (2-4 feet) tall, she’ll race through the whole life cycle in 70-80 days and produce a respectable 550g/m². Outdoor plants get taller – up to 6 feet (180cm) – and bring in 100-300g (3.5-10.5oz) per plant.
  • Indoors, use light schedules from 12/12 to 18/6.
  • Outdoors, grow her any time of year if the temps stay above 10 °C (50 °F).
Sativa Mix Seeds
In our Sativa Mix, each of the strains is packed individually and clearly marked, so you won’t have to guess which is which. All seeds are feminized, and the great thing is that you need to buy only one pack of seeds to have a chance to try both photoperiod and autoflowering Sativa genetics.
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